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Opening of my new exhibition in Paris

My son Arthur & I would like to thank the numerous persons who came to the opening of our exhibition "Children Stronger than War" at the Cultural Center of the Ukrainian Embassy in Paris on June 11, 2024.

We are grateful to His Excellency, Mr. Omelchenko Vadym, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine to France & Permanent Representative to UNESCO, as well as to Mrs. Viktoriia Gulenko, Cultural Advisor & Director of the Cultural Center of the Ukrainian Embassy in Paris, & of course, to Mrs. Inesa Ciornii, Director of the Global Progressive Strategy Institute in Brussels, Belgium, who was the driving force behind this entire humanitarian project.

We also extend our thanks to the wonderful actress Gabrielle Lazure & Ukrainian director Igor Minaev, who honored us with their presence. Our thanks also go to our family & friends Valérie Le Petit, Laurent Morel, François & Catherine Bérard, Enzo Cante, Thiérry Bérard, Eric Gozlan, Raoul Castaing, Nana, & all the others, whether we knew them or not.

Thank you for your kind words & compliments on our work with Ukrainian & Moldovan children.

As a reminder, this exhibition is the first step towards the culmination of a humanitarian project in Moldova & the autonomous territory of Gagauzia in October 2023, involving Ukrainian war orphans & Moldovan social orphans.

We taught photography to these children through games, then created our own images & even a 48-minute documentary, which you can watch here:

Their photos, along with ours & the documentary, will subsequently be exhibited in various capitals (Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Bucharest, Chisinau, etc.).

I'm very proud of this whole project & very proud of my son Arthur.

In that aspect too, it has been a wonderful father/son adventure.

Grégory & Arthur Herpe
Ukrainian painter Mysha Sydorenko & Grégory Herpe
Grégory Herpe, Ukrainian director Igor Minaev & Canadian actress Gabrielle Lazure
Grégory Herpe & Laurent Morel-Clery
Arthur Herpe
Arthur Herpe, Grégory Herpe, Viktoriia Gulenko, Mr Ambassador Vadym Omelchenko, and behind, Mr Dmytro Ostroushko
Enzo Cante, Grégory Herpe & Arthur Herpe
Grégory & Arthur Herpe
Arthur Herpe, Grégory Herpe, Viktoriia Gulenko, His Excellency Mr Ambassador Vadym Omelchenko
Grégory Herpe & Valérie Le Petit
Nelly Perlade

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