Gregory Herpe - Photographer

"For me, photography is not watching; it's feeling ..."

He was born in Paris in 1969.

As photojournalist for press agency Sopa Images, Hong-Kong, and Polaris Images, New-York, he devoted much of his time to black & white & gray

artistic photography, which he exhibited in many countries.


The human being, the urban, the organization of society and the weight of customs are his favorite subjects and he always shows three things in his photos:

a message, a perspective, and emotion. This is why he doesn’t follow the rules.

For him, removing the colors is like taking off make-up from an actor, a woman or a clown: only the essential remains, the truth, pure emotion, sometimes

crude but real.


Likewise, all his pictures seem to come out of a black halo because he sees the world dark, increasingly and symbolically. It is as if he plunges a hand into

that obscurity in order to extract some light... There is always hope.

He photographed the Gypsies in southern France, little girls rescued from prostitution in Cambodia, IRA soldiers in Belfast, endangered animals in Africa,

the minimalist landscapes of Northern Europe. But also as a portrait artists and set photographer he photographed celebrities of rock and cinema like

David Bowie, Gérard Depardieu, Iggy Pop, Deep Purple, Nina Hagen, Jacques Dutronc, Patti Smith, Orelsan, etc.


He regularly works with NGO’s to talk about their actions.


His images have been exhibited in Paris, Cannes, Barcelona, ​​Boston, San Diego, Bristol, Brussels, Genoa, Spa, Porto, Zurich, Athens, in Sicily,

South Korea, India, Nigeria, and in the European Parliament of Strasbourg, etc.

And published in France, Great Britain, USA, Austria, Russia, Monaco, the Netherlands,

Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece, Slovakia, etc.


He is as well a journalist and writer for various magazines in France and England.


And also:

He was a journalist for various media (NRJ, Fun Radio and Fun TV, in Paris, RTL / TVI in Brussels), and for various magazines.

Pupil of Francis Huster at the Cours Florent (famous theater school), with his friends Jean-Paul Rouve, Edouard Baer, ​​Jeanne Balibar

and Eric Ruf (current director of the Comédie Française), and he was an actor and director.

And a couple of things, more…


-Selected Photographer Urban Photo Awards - Trieste, Italy, 2021


-Finalist Care4Corona- Heemstede, Netherlands, 2020


-International Finalist at the Montanha Pico Festival, Azores, Portugal, 2020

-Artistic Director Honorable Mention at the Montanha Pico Festival, Azores, Portugal, 2019


-Award winning at the Noto Fior di Foto (3rd place Monochrome & Honorable Mention), Noto, Sicilia, Italy, 2018

-Golden Medal at the XVIIIth International Art Fair of Barcelona, Spain, 2017

-Awards winning at the IPA (International Photography Awards – Social cause category – Honorable Mention), New-York, USA, 2016

-Awards winning at the IPA (International Photography Awards – Childrens category – Honorable Mention), New-York, USA, 2016

-Awards winning at the IPA (International Photography Awards – Portraits category – Honorable Mention), New-York, USA, 2016

-Award winning at the MIFA (Moscow International Photo Awards – People-Culture category – Honorable Mention), Moscow, Russia, 2016

-Award winning of Best Press Photo 2015, (Club de la Presse LR), Montpellier, France, 2015

-Award winning at the International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Genoa (Photography category), Genoa, Italy, 2015

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