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Street Art – from prison to MOMA

In the footsteps of street artists. Find the right spot, make the ephemera live…

Thousands of photos of street art works exist.

As soon as a new fresco or an original collage appears on a wall, professional or amateur photographers immortalize it for networks social, a press article or in a book.
Always in color. Because street art is also about the abundance of colors in the street.

I have been passionate about this artistic scene for over ten years.
For me, this discipline is complex and rich, because it is social, cultural, political and creative.  
I travel a lot to make my photo reports and by walking around the streets, in Barcelona, Paris, or Belfast, I started

to photograph the works of these very special artists.

But with my style, without changing the way I photograph the things around me: in black and white.

First, because there is no reason why I should impose colors on myself, and then also because my goal is not to

take pictures of other people’s works. No. These pictures, they’re street pictures, and within them.

On the street, nowadays, there is street art. This art is part of our lives, our cultures, and I like to show what our

world has become.

I’m not taking a picture of a Banksy collage; I’m taking a picture of street where there is a Banksy collage.

For me, this work is a triple encounter between a city, the imprint that street artists have left on it,
and my photographic perspective.


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