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-2023 Institut Français de Roumanie (Bucharest, Romania)

-2020 Lokalen (Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands)

Permanent Collections:

-2022 Ambassade de France, Panama

-2020 The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge Museum, United Kingdom

-2020 Museum Hilversum, The Netherlands

-2019 CICA Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea

-2019 Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, Goa, India

-2018 Fondation Vittorio Emanuele, Italy

-2018 ATBU University, Nigeria

-2018 Collection Jacques Font, France

-2017 Collection Roger Castang, France

-2017 Musée de St-Cyprien - Collection François Desnoyer, France

-2016 Collection de S.A.S le Prince Albert II de Monaco, Monaco

-2008 Collection Vincent Bazin, France



-Vienna (Austria), Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium), Chisinau (Moldova), 2024


  • Now & Past:

-from 8th November to 28th January 2024

"Mise en Cène" - Musée Collections François Desnoyer (St-Cyprien, France)

-from 16th October to 15th June 2024

Cărturești Carusel (Bucharest, Romania)


-from 14th to 30th October 2023

Universitatea Nationala de Arta Teatrala si Cinematografica (Bucharest, Romania)


-from 5th to 15th October 2023

Bucharest Fotofest (Bucharest, Romania)

-from 5th to 9th June 2023

European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium)


-from 17th to 26th March 2023

Festival Annecy Lac Photo - ALP’ (Annecy, France)

-from 17th February to 31 March 2023

Castang Art Project gallery (Perpignan, France)


-from 25th November 2022 to 30th September 2023

Singulart Art Gallery (Berlin, Germany)


-​from 7th to 12th of December 2022

"Toutes à l'école" - France Télévisions (Paris, France)

-from 15th September 2022 to 10th October 2023

Tatí Space Photography Center (Tirana, Albania)


-from 14th March to 1rst April 2022

"De Paname au Panama" - La Casa Blanca (Panama City, Panama)

-from 11th to 23th of March 2022

"Moments of color" - Blank Wall Gallery (Athens, Greece)

-from October 29th to November 10th 2021

"Fine Art" - Blank Wall Gallery (Athens, Greece)


-from October 20th to November 20th 2021

"Karabakh: le temps de la paix" - Centre culturel de l'ambassade d'Azerbaïdjan (Paris, France)


-from October 7th to December 31th 2021

88th International Cultural Exchange of Arts (Davik, Norway)


-from July 1rst to August 30th 2021

Festival Photo "Je voyage dans mon salon" (Carpentras, France)

-from June 28th to July 28th 2021

Rencontres de la Photographie Arles - Cour Cachée (Arles, France)

-from May 3rd to July 13th 2021

"de Banksy au mur de Berlin", Mairie du 17ème arrondissement (Paris, France)

-from 1st August 2021 to 9th November 2021

Anita Neve Gallery (Almere, The Netherlands)

-from December 10th 2020 to December 31th 2021

Rouge Tomate/The View (Brussels, Belgium)

-from December 1rst 2020 to November 30th 2021

"Confinement, dans l'attente de la renaissance" - OpenEye Online (Paris, France)

-from October 22th to October 25th 2020

ArtMuc Art Fair with Art Magna (Munich, Germany)

-from September 26th to October 18th 2020

"Museum of You"- The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge Museum (Canterbury, United Kingdom)

-from August 12th to August 19th 2020

Chania International Photo Festival - Center of the Mediterranean Architecture (Chania, Crete, Greece)

-from August 8th to September 20th 2020

"Pandemic" - Museum Hilversum (Hilversum, The Netherlands)

-from June 17th to July 30th 2020

"Art Quarantine - Art & Life Survive", Artcom Expo (Bergen, Norway)

-from January 2nd to May 30th 2020

Galeria Bombeiros da Madalena - Montanha Pico Festival (Pico, Azores, Portugal)

-from 1st January to 31th December2020

Anita Neve Gallery (Almere, The Netherlands)

-from November 16th to December 22th 2019

"From Africa to Achterhoek", Koppelkerk Art Center (Bredevoort, The Netherlands)

-from September 20th to October 2sd 2019

"Water Photography", Blank Wall Gallery (Athens, Greece)

-from August 19th to August 30rd 2019

"World Photography Day Exhibition", Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (Goa, India)

-from 10th August to 31th December 2019

Anita Neve Gallery (Almere, The Netherlands)

-from February 15th to March 03rd 2019

CICA Museum (Gimpo, South Korea)


-from February 7th to March 20th 2019

Kultuur Huis - T'Spieker (Eibergen, The Netherlands)


-from November 8th to November 11th 2018

"Roger Castang's collection"", Art-Montpellier Contemporary Art Fair - Sud de France Arena, (Montpellier, France)

-from June 1rst 2018 to June 14th 2018

“Landscape””, Blank Wall Gallery (Athens, Greece)

-from May 18th 2018 to June 20th 2018

Noto Fior di Foto, Fondation  Vittorio Emanuele-Teatro Tina Di Lorenzo (Noto, Sicily, Italy)

-from May 14th 2018 to June 4th 2018

“People across the globe”, ATBU University (Bauchi, Nigeria)


-from November 11th 2017 to March 6th 2018

“Political Poetical”, with Pablo Picasso, Sallvador Dali, Erwin Olaf,

Art & Business gallery -Petra Lossen Fine Art (Zurich, Switzerland)


-from November 10th 2017 to November 12th 2017

Salon Fotofever with Castang Art Project gallery- Carrousel du Louvre (Paris, France)


-from October 23th 2017 to October 26th 2017

“Gypsies, culture of the street”, Européan Parliament (Strasbourg, France)

-from August 31th 2017 to September 30th 2017

Castang Art Project gallery (Perpignan, France)

-from June 2sd 2017 to June 24th 2017

Gallerie 113  (Castelnaudary, France)

-from March 17th 2017 to May 31th 2017

“Odyssey”, Museum “Collections François Desnoyer” (St-Cyprien, France)

-from January 21th 2017 to February 4th 2017

XVIII Salon International, Esart Galeria (Barcelona, Spain)

-from November 16th 2016 to October 31th 2016

“Catalogne”, La Villa Duflot (Perpignan, France)

-from March 16th 2016 to May 6th 2016

“SEED FACTORY”, Maison de l’image with Art Magna (Brussels, Belgium)


-from September 21th 2015 to October 9th 2015

“Les Catalogne”, Maison de la Région (Perpignan, France)


-from August 28th 2015 to September 24th 2015

“Vues d’ici”, la Maison Rouge (Perpignan)


-from July 4th 2015 to July 18th 2015

6th Biennale di Genova – International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Palazzo Stella (Genoa, Italy)


-from March 27th 2015 to April 25th 2015

“Collections Vincent Bazin”, with Moebius, Juergen Teller, Martin Parr, Ayako Takaishi, Yinka Shonibare, Miguel Navarro, etc…

Galerie Negpos Fotoloft (Nimes, France)


-from October 9th 2014 to April 25th 2015

“Bristol Streets”, Bonjour People! (Bristol, UK)


- from April 10th 2014 to April 13th 2014

34ème Rencontres du Court-Métrage (Cabestany, France)


- from April 4th 2014 to April 6th 2014

Journées européennes des métiers d’art (Saint-Cyprien, France)


-from December 3rd 2013 to January 4th 2014

 « Rock Stars », Sophie Jean Concept (Toulouse, France)


-from September 20th to September 22th 2013
« Rock & Cars », Radisson Blu Palace Hotel (Spa, Belgium)


-from May 15th to May 26th 2013
« Photos de plateau », Festival de Cannes-Pavillon américain (Cannes, France)


-from October 15th to December 15th 2012
« Gitans sans Filtre », Chapelle du Tiers Ordre (Perpignan)


-from July 1st to September 28th 2012
Galeria Cais Art’s Project (Porto, Portugal)


-from March 19th to 24th 2012
“Les journées de la danse”, Passage Doisneau (Perpignan)


-from March 1st to 12th 2012
“Le choeur des catalans”, Centre Culturel (Cabestany)


-from November 4th to 18th 2011
DEEKAY GALLERY, (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)


-from 0ctober 21th to 24th 2011:
“CHIC ART FAIR”, Foire de la photo contemporaine, à la Cité de la Mode et du Design (Paris)


-from October 17th to 22th 2011
“La tête de l’emploi: stéréotypes & Préjugés”, à l’Hôtel d’Agglomération Perpignan Méditérranée (Perpignan)


-from August 29th to September 30th 2011:
XVI ème Festival du Photo-Reportage Visa Off;
“La tête de l’emploi: stéréotypes & Préjugés”, à la Maison de l’Emploi & de l’Industrie (Perpignan)


-from december 22th 2010 to january 11th 2011:
Espace Cinko (Paris)


-from november 24th to december 5th 2009:
“NEXO”, Espace Cinko (Paris)


-from September 18th to September 27th 2009:
“Hommage à Corinne Mompo”, Musée du Mas Carbasse (St-Esteve)


-from August 29th to September 30th 2009:
International Art of Photography show, Lyceum Theatre Gallery, (San Diego, California, USA)


-from August 30th to September 13th 2008:
XIII ème Festival du Photo-Reportage Visa Off; (Perpignan)


-from April 25th to May 4th 2008:
“Délire et Fantaisie”, Musée du Mas Carbasse (St-Esteve)


-from February 22nd to 28th 2008:
Galerie Jane Griffiths “POP Artists” (Val d’Isère)


-from February 1st to 4th 2008:
3rd ARTénim Grenoble “Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain Rhône Alpes” (Grenoble)


-from January 18th to February 4th 2008:
Musée du Mas Carbasse (St-Esteve)


-from November 23th to December 2nd 2007:
Musée du Mas Carbasse (St-Esteve)


-November 26th:
"Pop Art Dali", Cathédrale Saint-Jean (Perpignan)


-from October 5th to 9th 2007:
“Che Guevara, l’homme et le mythe”, Cinéma Rive Gauche (Perpignan)


-from September 20th to 24th 2007:
8th ARTenim Nîmes “Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain Sud” (Nîmes)


-from September 1st to 15th 2007:
Le Dressing (Perpignan)


-from July 11th to 29th 2007:
“Rencontre des Arts”, Château Les Pins (Baixas)


-from May 15th to 19th 2007:
“7 ème Festival Sirocco” (Perpignan)


-from March 9th to 18th 2007:
“Délire et Fantaisie”, Musée du Mas Carbasse (St-Esteve)


-from February 24th to March 4th 2007:
“Glamour & Provocation”, Musée des Arts et traditions populaires (Thuir)


-from February 2nd to 5th 2007:
2nd ARTénim Grenoble “Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain Rhône Alpes” (Grenoble)


-from October 21th to November 24th 2006:
Hôtel “Les Flamants Roses” **** (Canet en Roussillon)


-from September 29th to October 1st 2006:
1st BAAF “Beziers Arts Actuels Forum” (Beziers)


-from September 4th to 18th 2006:
Stock 23 (Perpignan)

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