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Questions pour un champion - France 3

For a few months now, I have found a new and funny way to communicate about my photo work: participating in television games!

The star TV host of France 2 Nagui, in his game "Tout le monde veut prendre sa place" (Everyone wants to take his place), had interviewed me for more than 5 minutes about my work in Cambodia, and several of my pictures were shown on the screen.

A very good publicity, since many people contacted me afterwards!

Tuesday evening, it is in the mythical game of France 3 "Questions for a champion", that I was selected.

The host Samuel Etienne, very friendly, asked me questions about my wildlife photos in Africa; lions, in particular.

For the story, I went to the final face to face, beaten only by Aude, the super champion of the show. With the honors, and a good communication too!

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