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Children beyond the War - Ukraine & Moldova


The Centre Culturel Ukrainien, the Embassy of Ukraine, my son Arthur, and I are delighted to invite you to our exhibition from June 12 to 28, 2024, at 22 Rue de Messine, 75008 Paris.

Dedicated to World Children's Day, "Les enfants plus forts que la guerre" highlights the humanitarian and artistic project we developed last October in Moldova with Ukrainian war orphans and Moldovan orphans.

The concept of the project was to teach photography to these children, providing them with a means to escape the tragedies of their lives and to discover art and creativity.

We invite you to discover the results of this project, which are impressive not only in terms of artistic creativity but also in terms of social cohesion!

Their photos and ours, exhibited together! 📷😃

📅 Opening: Tuesday, June 11 at 7:00 PM

📍 Ukrainian Cultural Center in France (in the former private mansion of actors Romy Schneider & Alain Delon)

📅 The exhibition will be open to the public from June 12 to 28, 2024, and is organized by the Ukrainian Embassy in France in partnership with Grégory and Arthur Herpe, Ms. Inesa Ciornii, the austrian NGO Jugend Eine Welt, with the support of the Moldovan associations Don Bosco in Chisinau and Concordia in Gagauzia.

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