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577 deputies! Visit of the National Assembly with my friend the deputy Guy Bricout

Nice reunion with my friend the Deputy of the North Guy Bricout, in Paris.

I had the privilege of a private visit of the National Assembly and the Hôtel de Lassay, the current residence of the Speaker of the Assembly, with him (It has 577 deputies).

Guy Bricout is a member of the Committee on Sustainable Development and Town and Country Planning and the Committee on the Impact of Climate Change, and does a remarkable job.

The North of France is a beautiful region from Caudry (of which he was for a long time the Mayor) to Lille and Cambrais, which I advise you to visit.

Maybe an exhibition in the North in 2020!

with french deputy Guy Bricout in the Nationale Assembly

with Guy Bricout in front of the Hôtel de Lassay, residence of the Nationale Assembly's president

with Guy Bricout in the Nationale Assembly's garden

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