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For ever Paris with Philippe Wodianyk

Dernière mise à jour : 21 nov. 2019

It is always a great pleasure to meet my best friend, the magnificent painter Philippe Wodianyk.

Yesterday, it was in Paris, my hometown, that we had a long walk, from Beaubourg to the Carrousel du Louvre (where I had exhibited two years ago, during Fotofever), via Place St-Michel...

I invite you to discover Philippe Wodianyk's fantastic work on his website:

The vast wall that runs from Ircam (Institut de recherche en acoustique musicale) to Saint-Merri church has always been a street art spot with small wild creations. Since this summer, Obey/Shepard Farey has signed it.  Since 2011, a first giant work has been created: the Chuuuttt!!!!, finger on the mouth, by Jef Aérosol, one of the pioneers of street art. The huge self-portrait stencil by Jef Aérosol invites passers-by to stop and listen to the city. An urban break, of serenity. Over the years, this creation has been respected by graffiti artists. But since this summer, a second giant creation has been created. Shepard Fairey, 49 years old, aka Obey, inspired by Art Nouveau, painted in 48 hours a giant new fresco with its bluish atmosphere, "The future is unwritten". His hundredth work  In Obey's new work, the third in Paris, the hundredth of his career, two messages are written: "The future is not written" and "Knowledge and action make power". On his Instagram account, Obey points out that "apathy and ignorance promote the decline of civility... We must understand the importance of educating ourselves and acting while shaping the future. »  The American painter Shepard Fairey is particularly well known in France. He is the author of Marianne's painting (a replica of a large fresco painted on a wall in the 13th arrondissement, rue Nationale) hung in the office of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. A picture that was discovered on 31 December 2018, when the Head of State had presented his wishes to the French. These images made him famous, as did "Hope", Barack Obama's 2008 campaign poster.
with Wayn Kido, in front of the street art work of Jef Aerosol & Shepard Farey, in Paris.

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