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Artist Residency in May 2020

Despite of the various cancellations of my conferences and art fairs at the beginning of this year, I have at least one good news!

LOKALEN, space for creative entrepreneurship, invited me for an artist residency in May 2020, in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands (thanks to Linda Van der Berg & Dorian Temming).

I could develop a personal project there that I would talk about when the time comes.

LOKALEN offers professional artists a space to work, sleep, research and create.

A time and a place to clear their minds and develop their projects. Lokalen was founded in 2017 and is located in a former primary school, where all classrooms are occupied by a variety of creative entrepreneurs, active in design, art, events, culture and society.

I would share this space with New Zealander painter and visual artist Louise Keen.

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