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A Coronew World

Invited for an artist's residency by the Lokalen, in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands, I was able to work during the whole month of May on a photographic and artistic project around the mask.

What a pleasure to meet all the models who answered my call!

All different, all friendly, curious, open-minded.

I thank the Lokalen and his team for this beautiful experience which will be followed by exhibitions, and I invite you to discover these photos.

If you are a gallery owner, curator, and you want to exhibit this work, contact me.

I make a series of masked portraits, symbolizing our fears, our sufferings, our beliefs, our hopes.

The mask protects us, sometimes symbolically, from this virus, from our fears, phobias, or of ourselves...

And the mask hides our addictions, our obsessions, or who we really are...

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