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Would you like to pose for me in the Netherlands?

Hey, guys! I have a message for my followers in the Netherlands.

First of all, thanks for following my work!

The Netherlands is the second country to buy the most of my photographs, just behind Germany.

Tomorrow, I will start an artistic residency in the "Lokalen" in Lichtenvoorde, Achterhoek.

For my project, around the corona, I need volunteers to pose for me during the whole month of May.

It doesn't matter your gender or age! Every day, a picture, a different person...

Respecting, of course, the safety instructions and the safety distance.

So if you want to pose for me, this is the time and it's totally free!

You can contact me on the social medias or on my email!

See you soon and take care of yourself and the others...

Gregory Herpe in The Netherlands

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