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The biggest high-definition 3D exhibition ever made!

​This year 2020 being a special year, artists, galleries and museums are trying out new exhibition concepts.

Internet being today a very important vector of art sales, it is not surprising that virtual exhibitions are organized.

The French magazine OpenEye, which has published me several times (my series on the I.R.A. in Belfast, and my series A Coronew World) had the right idea : the biggest high-definition 3D exhibition ever made.

More than 3,000 m2, 42 stands, 100 artists, 570 photos, and of course, part of my A Coronew World series!

It's free and I invite you to discover this unique exhibition named "Confinement, dans l'attente de la renaissance", and created by ARTGENCE.

In a few days, the book A Coronew World will be on sale for only €30!

Watch out for it!

The 52 photos I made for this series during my artist's residency in Lokalen, the Netherlands, will be published here, with a beautiful preface by Stef van Breugel, director of Museum Hilversum (NL).

Find me and tell me what you think!

Click on the picture below:

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