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The Autoportrait


The self-portrait is a unique stylistic exercise.

It involves looking in the mirror, delving even into the depths of one's soul.

Photographing oneself can seem a bit egocentric, but which artist isn't, at least to some extent?

However, it also allows us to see ourselves differently, to perceive our rough edges, our troubles, our flaws, and our qualities too!

I increasingly enjoy self-portraits, especially without trying to flatter myself.

I take them spontaneously, reflecting my moods and the objects around me.

I'm not afraid of looking ridiculous; I prefer to see it as self-mockery.

Does a photographer know better how to photograph themselves than to be photographed by someone else? Of course, we know ourselves well, yet we are rarely the best judges of the image we project.

As for me, I find it entertaining and interesting because I have always enjoyed introspection, both mental and intellectual, and I see this as a continuation.

Give it a try!

I'm not talking about silly selfies, but true self-portraits.

Try to truly look at yourself, not just see yourself or glance at your reflection.

You'll be surprised ;)

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