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Steve Golliot-Villers : draftsman inspired and inspiring

From time to time, I'd like to show you a friend's artwork. Today, I would like to tell you about my friend Steve Golliot-Villers, draftsman, plastician, photographer, designer, tattooist. Trained at the School of Fine Arts in Perpignan, he has developed a distinctive style over the years. I like his drawings, and I think you will like them too. We feel the influences of press drawings, but also of a great historical, artistic and political culture. A box, a drawing, a slogan. It takes talent to make a strong work from such a simplified canvas. And talent, Steve Golliot-Villers has plenty of it. I propose you to discover his work on his instagram page and if you want to buy his last book, contact him...

© Steve Golliot-Villers - These drawings are the property of Steve Golliot-Villers.

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