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Shooting at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Very nice shooting at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris (@palaisdetokyo) with the talented chef Luana Belmondo, the movie producer Alexandra Fechner, and Virginie Atlan, President & Founder of the association Elles! Les Audacieuses" (@elleslesaudacieuses).

I had the chance to realize this shooting in this wonderful museum, in the middle of the origami artworks of the Belgian artist and designer Charles Kaisin.

Thanks to Luana, Alexandra and Virginia, for your kindness, and also to Malka Braun the Celebrities Make Up Artist & Sarra Na, the best Hair Stylist.

Thanks to Mathieu Boncour (@mathieuboncour), Head of communication & CSR of the Palais de Tokyo for welcoming us!

Gregory Herpe, Sarra Na, Luana Belmondo, Malka Braun, Virginie Atlan, Alexandra Fechner, Rivka Nahmias
Gregory Herpe & Luana Belmondo
Alexandra Fechner, Luana Belmondo & Virginie Atlan with Gregory Herpe
Alexandra Fechner & Gregory Herpe
with Malka Braun, Virginie Atlan & Sarra Na

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