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Lecture in Roermond

Dernière mise à jour : 20 févr. 2020

Very pleasant evening last night at the Alliance Française in Roermond, the Netherlands.

I gave my lecture on the mythical photos of photojournalism in front of a very nice audience, who gave me a very warm welcome.

Thanks to Patrick Slegers and all the Francophile members of the Alliance (and even a French one!).

In this lecture, I dissect, analyze, the most famous photographs of the 20th century, and I show that an image is not just an image (Che Guevara & Einstein's portraits, the napalm little girl, red flag over the Reichstag in Berlin, the kiss beetween Brejnev & Honecker, the tank boy in Tien An Men place, etc)


Some of the press photos made an impression on the general public, but by reframing them, for example, photographers, press agencies and the secret services of various states manipulated the public and its opinion.

I show the original framing before manipulation and dozens of astonishing, funny or dramatic anecdotes, often shedding new light on the political context of the time.

Sometimes, the truth is elsewhere...

If you are interested in my conference, and would like me to come to your city, please contact me directly by email to get all the information:

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