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Festival Annecy Lac Photo 2023 is over

The Festival Annecy Lac Photo (ALP') is over and I was delighted to participate.

Especially to meet you, the public!

It is always very gratifying to answer your questions about my work and to share emotions around my photos.

Thanks in particular to this retired lady, Martine, who offered me three poems she wrote, because my photographs moved her.

It was so touching!

I would also like to thank the organisation of the festival, the whole team, and in particular Eric Monvoisin, who is so friendly and devoted.

And also the photographer Thierry Clergue who kindly welcomed me at his home in Annecy, during the festival,

It was a pleasure to know you, Thierry!

There are few photo festivals left in France, mostly organised by individuals who fight for photography.

So, I hope to come back to this festival in two years and live again good moments of sharing.

My Drag Queens's photo in Annecy Lac Festival

Photographer Lucie Berquiere in front of my work. She was also exhibited there.

Gregory Herpe, Thierry Clergue, Eric Monvoisin.

Photographers Thierry Clergue, Francesco Capasso, Eric Monvoisin, Gregory Herpe

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