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End-of-studies jury

Being a jury member at the end of your studies is a great responsibility. You have to judge the photographic work of students who are about to embark on their lives, with their hopes and their cameras.

There is no question of destroying them, of playing judge with fearsome and definitive sentences.

No. In my opinion, the most important thing is to encourage them, to highlight their positive points and qualities, and to give them the energy they need to take on the world full of strength and determination.

That's what I always try to do when I'm invited to sit on a school's final jury, as was the case yesterday at the MJM school in Paris.

So, congratulations to you students for your creativity and your ideas.

Work on your weaknesses AND your strengths!

Keep in touch, because networking is important and you need to start now, and never give up on your dreams.

Thank you to Laszlo Sass and Nelly Perlade from the MJM school for this wonderful invitation, and also to the nice photographers who were on the jury with me, Elisa Durier, Gonzalo Fuentes Sosa, and Xavier Gary.

And Anna Gueho for the great pastries!

Nelly Perlade, Grégory Herpe, Gonzalo Fuentes Sosa & Elisa Durier

Ecole MJM Paris

Gregory Herpe, Elisa Durier & Xavier Gary

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