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Don Quirona's Antidotum

My friend Remi van Zelst is releasing his first book this week in the Netherlands, "Don Quirona's Antidotum" (in Dutch).

And it was with great pleasure that I took the pictures for this book.

I am delighted to make this friendship concrete through a common creative work.

Twenty-six years ago we met in the Canary Islands and we have a lot of memorable memories!

"Don Quirona is a wandering knight, who - as he writes - sets himself up as protector against evil.

In 25 flaming columns he goes to war. Against the virus, but above all against the foolish administrators and inhabitants of this former marshland and beyond.

His adventures lead him past frightened citizens, the annual outing of global dictators, puppet directors, hanging sluts, painting in madness, Newton as a mass murderer and a lot of philosophy.

Let it be clear: corona is a pitch-black page in contemporary history.

And Don Quirona is destined to make that bearable, for all of us.

From tragedy to comedy. From winter to summer. Step into this book and enjoy the trip.

About the writer:

Don Quirona is an alter ego of Remi van Zelst.

Remi is a columnist, realist, idealist, capitalist and, not unimportantly, philatelist.

In his columns Remi certainly doesn't mince his words.

His happiness lies in his unfamiliarity. And he wants to keep it that way.

So if you read the book, please don't do any mouth-to-mouth advertising.

Remember anderhalvemeter."

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