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Plague & Sadomaso

I am lucky to meet such amazing, different, and friendly people during this artistic residency!

This diversity makes me feel good, and today, it did it again.

First of all with Michiel, for a Plague shooting!

A mask and a doctor's outfit from the Middle Ages during this cruel event that deeply marked Europe by eliminating 25% to 50% of its population; in the kingdom of France the population fell by 38%, or 7 million victims out of the 17 million French people at the time.

Michiel was perfect and it is always a pleasure to talk with him.

Then I had the chance to take a nice picture with Mistress Jill Monrow, from Donna Fiera, from the Studio Fonna Fiera in Arnhem, and her submissive.

The sadomaso world is very aesthetic, full of codes and symbols.

We touch there the deepest fantasies. It's a practice more cerebral than sexual, finally, and this couple is far from the stereotypes that we usually imagine.

Tomorrow, meet up with Mary Miracle, a famous Dutch Drag Queen, for another great shoot!

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