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Shooting in Helsinki with 3 awesome Drag Queens...

After Riga, Latvia, I've just spent a week in Helsinki, where I made several series of photos in nature and the city, which I will show you soon...

And today, it was awesome...A wonderful shooting for my last day in Helsinki, with the trio of Drag Queens & Visual Artists "La Persé"!

For the occasion, we were lent a stunning apartment in the center of the city, worthy of a museum, teeming with works of art, Baccarat chandeliers, collection of primitive art, Dali, etc...

And in the center, three incredible artists with strong, hard-working personalities.

Pietari Jeanjean Kaakkomäki, Mr Cunt & Lorna de Latex, thank you all three of you for a fantastic afternoon & see you soon!

Mr Cunt, Grégory Herpe, Pietari Jeanjean Kaakkomäki, Lorna de Latex

Tomorrow I'll be in Tallinn, Estonia...

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