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Merry Christmas! My new book has arrived! Buy it online!

Last May, during my artist residency at the Lokalen in Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands,

I made a series of 52 masked portraits.

The mask protects us from the covid-19 but not only ...

The mask protects, indeed... but it hides our addictions, our obsessions, sufferings and fears,

or our beliefs, hopes, who we really are... Some of the photos have since been published in magazines in the Netherlands, France and

the United Kingdom, and exhibited at the Museum Hilversum (NL), the Museum of Canterbury (UK), and in Paris (FR). The book of this experience, with all the 52 photos taken with all the models, is now finished and sold online in my shop:

It costs only 39€, including postal charges, and Stef Van Breugel, director of the Museum Hilversum, was kind enough to write the preface.

I thank him warmly.

I hope that this book, witness of such a special year for all of us because of the pandemic and the Corona virus, will make you smile or give you emotion.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

On the acknowledgement page, at the end of the book, you will find your names, all of you who helped me to make these photos, exhibitions, publications, and finally this book...

Special thanks to all my models:

Hendrik Abbink - Robert Paul Abbink - Salena Abbink - Anne-Mari Ahola -

Pelle Bennink - Christie Berlenghi - Enrico Berlenghi - Michiel Brouwer -

Helen Busch - Lila Busch - Maud Busch - Audrey Colin - Daan de Leeuw -

Tonnie de Ron - Maartje Geverinck - Frouke Harmsen - Carl Hendrix -

Janny Hoenink - Bas Hooglugt - Noah Huijskes - Robin Huinink -

Toon Huinink - Dagmar Hummelink - Ellen Ikink - Bart Kolkman -

Leon Korteweg - Rose Lamar - Ingrid Maas - Rick Mellink - Isabel Mendeszoon -

Mary Miracle - Ilse Moelands - Jill Monrow & Tony - Lawrence Mooij -

Maria Neumann - Anneliek Nieuwland - Evelien Nijenhuis - Rob Nolmans -

Mariska Paans - Barbara Pavinati - Jackie Seemann - Marcel te Brake -

Jurjen Temming - Vera van Berkum - Marcel van den Berg - Linda van der Berg -

Marieke van Driel - Janette van Egten - Ljoedmila van Vyve - Kris van Wijk -

Cynthia van Wijngaarden - Jochem Willemsen - Kees Wissink - Mik Wolterink -

and Michiel Wopereis-Vermeulen

Thank you for your help and your kindness:

Caitrina Cody - Diezel the labrador - Alison O’Byrne - Jaap de Ron -

Ericke Schut - Margreet Stortelder - Team Alhaus Magazine -

Team Lokalen - Dyon Temming

All photos were taken during the artistic residency at the Lokalen - Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands

All photos were taken with LEICA cameras

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