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Photos & Texts by Gregory Herpe

December 2020

64 pages

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We live in a unique, strange, terrifying time. The corona virus is everywhere: on television, on the internet, in our conversations, our concerns. It has changed our deepest habits & will no doubt upset our future.

I started working on the subject from the start of my artistic residency in the Lokalen, in Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands, during the whole month of May 2020.

I made a series of 52 masked portraits, symbolizing our fears, our sufferings, our beliefs, our hopes.

The mask protects it, sometimes symbolically, from this virus, but not only ...

The mask protects, but it hides our addictions, our obsessions, or who we really are...

Some of the photos have since been published in magazines in the Netherlands, France, Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, and exhibited at the Museum Hilversum (NL),  the Museum of Canterbury (UK), and in Paris.

(Some pictures of the series are part of the permanent collection of these two museums nowadays.)


Preface written by :
-Stef van Breugel – Director of the Museum Hilversum (Hilversum, The Netherlands)

Book: A Coronew World, by Gregory Herpe (Personalized dedication)

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