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Meeting Dutch PM Mark Rutte in Paris!

Today, while strolling towards the Centre Pompidou in Paris, I had the pleasant surprise of meeting the Dutch Prime Minister, Mr. Mark Rutte (since 2010)!

Back when I was living in the Netherlands, I found him incredibly likeable and very approachable.

A Prime Minister who always travels by bicycle, and not just for show in the last 100 meters, as our politicians in France do.

Everyone told me he was easy to approach and remained down-to-earth.

I can attest today that it's true.

Throughout my career as a photographer, I've crossed paths with many ministers and representatives from different countries, in private and professional settings.

Mark Rutte is undoubtedly the one who struck me as the friendliest and coolest, in such a short time!

He was cycling around Paris with a friend, and they were enjoying a drink at a café terrace when we met. Simple and incredibly cool, even though this man has met and worked with all the world's major figures for over 20 years, from Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden to Emmanuel Macron, Xi Jinping, Angela Merkel, Volodymyr Zelensky, Vladimir Putin, and even Pope Francis.

It was a pleasure chatting with you, Prime Minister, and I had a good laugh when you told me you were jealous of me for living in Paris!

Stay always so cool !

Dutch PM Mark Rutte & photographer Gregory Herpe in Paris
Dutch PM Mark Rutte & Gregory Herpe

Dutch PM Mark Rutte & French photographer Gregory Herpe in Paris
Dutch PM Mark Rutte & Gregory Herpe in Paris

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