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I tracked down Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars...

With the containment of the corona virus, I can't travel for pictures anymore. But I live in the Netherlands and here the government has introduced "intelligent containment". This means that we are allowed to go out for a bit; everyone takes responsibility. So I go out every day, by car, to make a tour with my Leica. No lions in the fields, no I.R.A. soldiers either. I meet quieter animals, which we don't pay attention to anymore because they seem so common: cows, sheep, horses... And yet, there is a lot of beauty and charm in these animals. And then, from time to time, I have surprises, like these encounters with storks, alpacas, and camels... Yesterday, I found Jar Jar Binks, from Star Wars, reincarnated in a splendid Anglo-Nubian goat! What a beautiful and friendly animal! This confinement, whatever form it takes, reminds us that we must know how to look around us... There are so many beautiful things to look at!

The original Jar Jar Binks

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