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Exhibition in Paris - 3 May/30 June 2021

Teaser of my new exhibition, from May 03 to June 30, 2021, at the City Hall of the 17th district of Paris.

"From Banksy to the Berlin Wall", a street art photo exhibition by Grégory Herpe, open to the public and for free.

Street photographs taken in Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Belfast, Brussels, Bristol, Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Stockholm, Helsinki, Odense, etc...

Special guest stars Banksy, Smug One, Jef Aerosol, Visual Waste, Roa, Os Gemeos, Zag, D-Face, Dmitry Vrubel, Cisco, Klaus Klinger, C215, Iléa,Nils Westergard, Jamie Scanlon JPS, Otto Maja, Cané…

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