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My interview in CBC TV - Azerbaijan

Thanks to CBC TV and journalist Esmira Aliyeva, in Baku, Azerbaijan, for interviewing me 2 days ago on the midday and evening broadcast news.

Esmira asked me about my first trip to the country, from Baku to the Caucasus (at the invitation of the French association "Les amis de l'Azerbaidjan", Senator Jean-François Mancel, and Mrs. Mirvari Fataliyeva, President of the Maison de L'Azerbaidjan in Paris), the exhibitions where I showed these first photos (Norway, Portugal, Greece), and my future exhibition in Paris, as well as the English and Dutch magazines that published them.

I would be delighted to return to Azerbaijan to continue my photo work there and to show the wonders of this country and the kindness of its people.

So I am looking forward to an official invitation!

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