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Boundless Pictures- Best Street Documentary Pictures Winner 2024

I'm delighted to have been voted winner of the best photography award in the Street Documentary category by Boundless Pictures in March 2024, in the UK!

My photo reportage on the children of Cambodia has won yet another award, after the 3 IPAs I won in New York a few years ago.

I'm very happy and proud of this, because children's rights are a very important subject for me, and I collaborate as much as possible with NGOs that multiply their efforts to help them.

Thanks to for appreciating the quality of my work, and also the importance of my subject.

By the way, these photos are still on display at Cărturești Carusel in Bucharest, Romania, following their selection at the Bucharest FotoFest ( Thanks to my Ionut Trandafirescu, founder and director of the festival).

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