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Artist Residency in Bucharest, Romania - 2023

It's done! I am in Bucharest since Tuesday, April 11th and until May 10th!

A full month of artist residency as part of the "Pocket Residency" programme of the French Institute of Romania (a warm thanks to the French Institut of Romania et the French Embassy in Bucharest).

I have the pleasure to continue my project on Drag Queens in Europe. After Amsterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm, Paris, Liverpool and Budapest, I am delighted to be in the Romanian capital!

My work is all about emotions.

I want to show the soul of Drag Queens, because for me, behind the make-up, the wigs, the beautiful dresses, the laughter and smiles, the party, there is above all a human being with a story, wounds, hopes. It is also important to show the differences in freedom, in tolerance, from one country to another in the European Union (I saw a lot of differences in the lives of Drag Queens in Amsterdam and Budapest, for example).

I am delighted to have been invited by the French Institute of Romania and the French Embassy in Bucharest, and I can't wait to start taking pictures.

*Do you know a Drag Queen in Bucharest?

Pass her the message and my contact details, and don't let her hesitate to contact me!

With Vlad Tepes, Mister Drakula himself, in a street of Bucharest

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