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40cm x 50cm - Unframed

Artist's proof (there was only one print of this photo, which is sold).
Wild coast, Netherlands.
Facing the North Sea, a deserted beach on which a naked man sits, facing a path of wooden stakes towards the raging waves. Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, tattooed on his back, symbolises his search for spirituality.
The 4 elements of nature are represented: earth, water, sky and celestial fire.
This photograph was commissioned by a collector who acquired 33 unique works in the same format (160 x 130cm) on the theme of the Last Supper. There are two smaller artist's proofs, of which this is the first.
Exhibited at the Musée de St-Cyprien & published in the exhibition catalogue.

Artist Proof: Last Supper on the Beach

SKU : 0005
€ 2.000,00Prix
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