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Not a Gallery - Matière & Lumière 2019

Last night, I went with my friends Beatrice and Jean Arosio to the opening of the exhibition "Matière et Lumière", at Natacha Dassault's wonderful art gallery: "Not a Gallery".

A magnificent setting in the 16th arrondissement of Paris where I was able to admire the photographic work of Olivier Dassault, whose work on detail is magnificent, the fashion photos of Jean-Daniel Lorieux, the beautiful works of Karen Paulina Biswell and Isabelle Chapuis, between textures and provocations, and the conceptual work of Benjamin Deroche.

A little crush for the photographer Pierre Ollier, whose landscapes take us into a melancholic and moving dimension.

Thank you to Natacha Dassault for her warm welcome.

with Béatrice & Jean Arosio, and Claude Dehais, in front of a photo of Olivier Dassault

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