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César 2021: Congratulations Emilie Dequenne!

Congratulations Emilie, for this beautiful César 2021 for Best Supporting Actress!

I remember 2009, and the shooting of the film "J'ai oublié de te dire", by Laurent Vinas-Raymond, in which you were starring with Omar Sharif (and Jérôme Pouly, Anne Canovas, Franck Gourlat, Philippe Laudenbach, and others), and which I had the pleasure to photograph for almost two months as a set photographer.

I had a small role of gendarme myself, which I prefer to forget, so anecdotal is it!

But I discovered not only an excellent actress, but also a completely normal, human person, who cares for others and laughs with them.

A good fellow, in other words!

Bravo Emilie!

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