Well done!

June 1, 2016 by Gregory Herpe

Well done!

It’s done!

The challenge has reached the budget of 100% +.

Thanks to all of you who have been so generous ! A huge thank you , especially to my partners SOCIETEA (Law firm in France) :

An huge thanks also for all the donors:

H.R.H. Prince Michael of Yougoslavia, Nathalie Saluzzi, Karine Courtin, Corine Malzac, Nina Drew, Laurie Guichard Fiancette, Santa Maria, Henri Terres, Anne-Isabelle Gaillard, Julien Marigo, Carole Prunier, Karima Lakhdar, Michèle Bru, Stéphanie Duval, Michel Caball & Caball Immobilier, Thierry Patricolo, Ericke Schut, Philippe Wodianyk, Philippe Picard, Philippe Garcia, Rolland Dalmau, Pierre Aigret, Jean-yves Lacherie, Denis Dupont, Elodie Lapiczak-leydier, Sandrine Ppn, Stéphanie Dunyach, Jacques Robineau, Laure Mathieu, Sidonie Sacchini, Sylvie Barbier, Laurence Jourdain, Stéphanie Planes, Catherine Horemans, Virginie Charles, Sylvain Leignier, Laurine Thiodet, Florence Rambure, Yolande Belasco, Pascale Dumazet, Jean-Claude Moulart, Fabienne Stroh, Cyril Lubin, Valérie Silvert, Coolcat66, Blandine Clément, Coralie Rigual-prats, Caroline Martin, Yves Decordt, Natali Felix, Alice Wallard, Sophie Ramoneda, Olivier Bolte, Sandra Boens, Jean-Charles Martinez, Michel Font, Marie-Pierre Rodriguez, André Maydat, Maurice Garcia Bes, Nicolas Buck, Sylvain Philippon, Philippe Clerc, Monique Monnet, Cécile Benoit Picchi, Gwéna Piquepaille, Isabelle Bertrand, Vincent Fourquet, Elisabeth Ronde, Liz 1, Amélie Rullion, Charlotte Van Proeyen & Jacques Bousquet !


There are still 6 days left to collect, so for those who still wish to donate, go to : http://www.ulule.com/reportage-photo-cambodge
Thanks in advance!
What’s left for me is to make beautiful pictures so that the auction will be an enormous success and that we can offer the maximum to these children who really deserve it !

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