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And watch the video of the exhibition on the Noto Fior di Foto here:


Exposed in Sicily

Last week, I received an award at Noto Fior di Foto, in Sicily.

Cherry on the cake for the award-winning photographers in the different categories,

an exhibition begins today at the Fondation Vittorio Emanuele-Teatro Tina Di Lorenzo,

in Noto, Sicily (my second exhibition this week after Nigeria).


The list of photographers exhibited:



Giovanni Coste (Italy)

Irina Gaivoronskaya (Russia)

Beatriz Glez Sa (Spain)

Gregory Herpe (France)

Aleksandr Ivanov (Russia)

Kate (Russia)

Sky Kim (Georgia)

Massimiliano Monnecchi (Italy)

G. B. G. Son (Bangladesh)

Alexey Trofimov (Russia)

Tatsiana Tsyhanova (Belarus)

Yana Vasilyeva (Russia)

Robin Yong (Australia)


Fondation  Vittorio Emanuele-Teatro Tina Di Lorenzo,

Piazza XVI Maggio, 1
96017 Noto
SR, Italy

Award in Sicily

Very happy to be awarded today at the Noto Fior di Foto, in Sicily.
One of the pictures from my Cambodian series, taken at Happy Chandara School, 
won the 3rd prize in the Monochrome category, as well as the Honorable Mention.
The photo will be exhibited with the winners of all categories at the Noto Fior di Foto, 
a photographic festival in the beautiful city of Noto, Sicily, on May 18, 19, and 20, 2018.

prix noto fior di foto gregory herpe

Teatro Comunale Vittorio EmanuelePiazza XVI Maggio, 1
96017 Noto, Sicilia, Italia