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Exhibition with Alexandre Nicolas

Very proud to exhibit with the talented sculptor Alexander Nicholas. The gallerist Roger Castang, as a great professional as he is, immediately knew that Alexandre’s inclusions and my photos would marry perfectly. Come meet us and discover our works at the Castang Art Project in Perpignan.
Vernissage Herpe et Nicolas
Artists Gregory Herpe & Alexandre Nicolas during the openingThanks to Nicolas Parent, from L’Indépendant, for the pic.


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Castang Art Project Gallery

During all Visa pour l’Image Festival

From Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:30

Sunday 3 and 10 September from 15:00 to 19:30

39 rue Rabelais – 66000 Perpignan – France – +33 (0)6 27 77 12 79

Exhibition in Castelnaudary

I'm proud to invited you to my opening at the "Galerie 113", right in the center of Castelnaudary, France.

Opening: June 2, 2017, at 6:30 pm.

You will seen my series on the great animals of Africa, on girls of Cambodia, and on the IRA in Belfast.

See you soon!

Galerie 113
22 rue de l'Horloge
11400 - Castelnaudary - France
Tel: 06 88 54 38 33


Exhibition at the Museum of St-Cyprien, France

I’m proud to invite you to my new exhibition: “L’Odyssée”, from 18 March to 31 May at the Museum of St-Cyprien, France.

5 rooms and more than 90 prints, to travel with me on 3 continents and 20 countries, from the great animals of Africa to Catalonia, from the minimalist landscapes of Scotland and the Netherlands to the children of Cambodia, IRA in Belfast, Street Art in Northern Europe …

A great catalog is published for the occasion in which you will find my photos as well as texts on my work written by personalities of the arts, media, and politics … Thanks to them:

Yoyo Maeght – Exhibition curator at the Pompidou Center & Royal Academy of London; Editor, gallery owner

Tina Kieffer – Founding President of french NGO Toutes à l’école

Olivier Dassault – french Deputy & photographer

Myriam Seurat – Journalist on french TV France 2 & Arte

Petra Lossen – Director of Petra Lossen Fine Art Gallery, Zurich

Sylvia Gobbel – International Top Model & Helmut Newton’s muse, Vienna

Fabrice Gaignault – Editor-in-chief of Marie-Claire magazine & writer

Laurent Bouhnik – Director, screenwriter, producer

Nathalie Garçon – Fashion designer

Isabella Russ – Managing Editor of Terra Mater, Austria

Peap Tarr – Street Artist, Phnom Pehn

Elsa Lunghini – Singer, Actress & Photographer

René Manzor – Director & Screenwriter

Ylva-Maria Thompson – Artist & tv host, Sweden

Sam Zniber – Vice President & Strategic Consultant, Radio Intelligence World, USA

Hervé Lancelin – Dir. Of the Galerie Lancelin, Luxembourg, & Luxembourg Art Price

Paul Godfrey – Leader of the Morcheeba, England

Véronique de Villèle – TV host & Writer

Ariana Kah – Actress

And Wayne Anthony – Editor-in-Chief of the London Street Art & Design Magazine, London

Thanks also to Thierry Del Poso, Mayor of St-Cyprien for his invitation in his museum, and to Stéphanie Misme, exhibition curator, for his professionalism.

And thank you for sharing the info…



At the beginning of 2017, I have the pleasure to participate at the “XVIII International Salon of Barcelona”,
at the Esart Gallery.

The opening will take place on January 21, at 8:00 pm, and I would like to meet you all around the inauguration cocktail
and a classical guitar recital of virtuoso Albert Noriega.

The exhibition runs from January 21 untill February 02, 2017, and will show the work of international artists,
from Japan, Spain, South America and of course photo, of myself!

XVIII Salon Internacional 2017 – The Esart Gallery
C / Diputacio 188 – 08011 BARCELONA
Tel: +34 93 4545532



Last night, at the Photo Exhibition opening of my group with the Unapei66 in St Esteve, we had the joy of receiving Olivier Roirand, TV Director of Tv Sud, who came to interview me on my photo project, for the Tonight News (7:30 p.m. on South TV, on channel 33 of TNT in France !!).

Here is the preview :

tv sud st esteve

Thank you to Olivier Roirand, Marie-Hélène Rajkowski, and TV Sud!


expo foyer


I am very proud to invite you to the opening of the group photo exhibition that I have coached for almost a year within the Unapei66.

Unapei 66 a parenting movement born in 1959, is an association of Parents and Friends, who welcomes and accompanies throughout live People with Mental and/ or Psychic Disability , in its establishments or in the mainstream.

People familiar with intellectual disabilities: Down syndrome, autism, mental, multiple disabilities …


I have proposed to accompany them around a photographic project for a year.

Driven, engaged, and extremely talented for arts, my new friends worked very well !

Thursday, July 7, at 18:30, you can see their work. Starting from paintings seen at the Musée Fabre in Montpellier. Before and behind the objective, they have given their whole heart and we expect many of you at the Library St Esteve, France.

I promise you, you will not see disabled people but_ fully fledged artists …

invitation Unapei.indd


This is my last day in Happy Chandara.

Tomorrow morning I will leave to stay the weekend in Phnom Penh waiting for my flight, Monday I will leave towards Ho Chi Min, Doha, Barcelona and finally Perpignan …

One gets always used a little, we created bonds. The last two days, a pupil had made me paper boat and yesterday another pupil drew me a snail.

It’s touching and I hope to come back soon.


I was outside early; around 06:00. Many pupils who live outside the school arrive at about 05:30, brought by their parents who go to work in the fields or in the city and who cannot take care of them.

I watch them play with rubber bands, they play same way as girls in Europe do to.



And then they eat. Noodles, with chopsticks, in small transparent plastic bags; they eat fruit, too.

And then they do their hair together.


At 7:30, the raise of the color. The Cambodian and French flag and all pupils stand up silent and aligned aside and do not move an eyelash.


At noon, after eating some rice and a dragon fruit (I think I lost lose 4 or 5 kg!) I went mountain biking in the countryside. It is amazing to see the things that the Khmers carry on their small bikes, by pulling supplies on tiny but fully loaded trailers: banana bunches, bricks, and this morning a veritable jeans and shirts shop.


Yet another, overloaded with a jumble of all kind, ranging from cookware to plastic ducks reminded me of Castorama, a french brand who said : Chez Casto, there’s all you’ll need!


Earlier this afternoon, I returned to school attending a class of “window on the world.”

In the meantime the oldest are there watching a movie about the life of Somali top model Waris Dirie.

A fascinating and dramatic life, circumcised at the age of 3, she managed to flee the country, but became a slave to the Somali ambassador in London, before being one of the most requested models in the world. Later, she became “goodwill ambassador” of the UN, against female genital mutilation.


After the movie, the Khmer teacher launches a debate on the situation of women, the difference in general, and the future of women in Cambodia. The students are moved and are giving their well-marked opinion.

With this group, mentalities change. It is also one of the achievements of the Association Toutes à l’ecole and Tina Kieffer : forming free women, strong with beautiful values …


Dedication of my photo book

Next sunday (May 15), from 10:00 am to 14:00 pm, I would be present at the Book & Youth Fair in Narbonne, France, on the stand of my editor, Les Presses Littéraires.

I invite you to come visiting me for a dedication of my photo book “Catalonia” !

Salon du Livre & de la Jeunesse du Grand Narbonne – Cours Mirabeau – Narbonne

Many free parking are available nearby (free every Saturday and Sunday)



Hello friends,

I hope you are all very well.


I have a favor to ask you…I have to leave very soon to Cambodia for a humanitarian reportage about destitute girls.


Journalist Tina Kieffer has created an organization that helps young children and already educates more than 1000 of them. She has built three schools near Phnom Penh, and she dresses and nourish them!

Tina Kieffer asked me to produce a photo reportage on the schools and about these children, and the work of her association.


ALL PHOTOS ARE SOLD AT AN AUCTION, ALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF THESE YOUNG GIRLS (100% of the money raised will be donated), at the exhibition and at the opening media and culture personalities will be involved, such as Claire Chazal and Jean-Jacques Aillagon (former Minister of Culture).


This reportage and this trip is very expensive, and I decided to appeal to your good heart and ask for your donations to help these children who have suffered enough already (many orphans, victims of child prostitution …).


You can make a donation of any kind, on the page of my project here:


And just as important, please, share this email and the link to my page of Ulule to reach your family, friends, that this reportage will be created and that, all of us can help to a noble cause …


Thank you in advance!


Gregory Herpe, Photographer
PS: Of course I remain at your disposal if you want more information…

Teaching photography to young gypsies girls…

In partnership with the City hall of Perpignan, I have taught the photography to a group of young gypsies girls during 15 days,

often rejected, of wich some showed themselves very talented.


Transmission is a very beautiful thing…

Catalogne is on sale…

It was a pleasure to see how you were numerous to come to the launch and signing my book Catalonia, the City Hall of Perpignan on Friday night.

Ninety minutes without interruption to dedicate my book to dozens of people; what happiness!

Thank you again to Mr Michel Pinell, Deputy Mayor for Culture, for his laudatory speech, as were the speeches of Mr. André Bonet, President of the Mediterranean Literature Centre (CML); Mr Jérôme Fricker, my editor at Editions of Presses Littéraires.

The book is for sale on Amazon outside France and I hope you to feel many emotions with it like I‘ve had to make these photographs



Michel Pinell, Gregory herpe, André Bonet & Jérôme Fricker…




I am very pleased to inform you of the release of my book CATALOGNE.

You can order it in any good bookstore, or buy it on the site of the FNAC:

or that of AMAZON/



Catalunya & Espana :


UK :


Italia :


Deutschland :



And enjoy the special limited edition of Catalonia,

20 editions numbered and signed, with an original picture inside will be sold,

price € 150.
A book with an impressive picture story and a must have at home or a great gift to a friend.
Contact me by email:

Special Limited Edition of Catalonia

Enjoy the special limited edition of Catalonia,

20 editions numbered and signed, with an original picture inside will be sold,

price € 150.
A book with an impressive picture story and a must have at home or a great gift to a friend.
Contact me by email:


We would like to invite you on Friday 18 December at 18:00, in the City Hall of Perpignan, room Paul Alduy,

for the presentation and launch of the last signed book release from Gregory Herpe.
In collaboration with the Mediterranean Center of literature, the City Hall of Perpignan and the Presses Littéraires Editions.


The book will be for sale outside France on Amazon from the beginning of January.
Catalonia from south to north, from the Ebro Delta to Perpignan, from Collioure to Barcelona, from Vic to Alberes, rediscover the beauty of Catalonia on both sides of the border…
Thanks to HRH Prince Michel of Yugoslavia for his friendly preface.



118 pages

Watch me on french tv!

Interviewed on TV Sud for my exhibition in Perpignan…

tv sud

My photographs on Youtube:



The excellent Nicolas CAUDEVILLE give me the opportunity of a second video interview on his blog “L’Archipel strike back” (I recommend his podcast, no waffling..!), on the occasion of my exhibition at the Maison Rouge during Visa pour l’Image, in Perpignan…

The opportunity to talk about my expo-party next Friday (August 28).

Until September 24, it is open and free, and you will find there the price list of my photos.

See you Friday for the first, which should be a nice fiesta, led by Manuel Perez, DJ that needs no introduction, and his associates Jeff the Fish from London & Niko Callego.


Best Press Photo 2015 Award – Item in “L’Independant”
Genoa, Italy…
Certainly, Italy is an open air museum
Genoa is probably not the most beautiful pearl of the country, but it would be foolish to underestimate this city, the first Italian port

In Genoa there are churches all 100m, narrow alleys, art galleries, a city center protected by Unesco, wonderful palace … and then there is the International Biennial of Contemporary Art where I do an exhibition in July

Best Press Photo 2015 Award
I lived last night around Montpellier, a wonderful evening!

The 29th Night of the French Press reward journalists, photographers and communication agency, during a funny ceremony.

100% female jury chaired by cartoonist & illustrator Nadia Khiari, aka Willis from Tunis, whose cat was one of the figures of the Tunisian Revolution of 2011.

I had the joy of winning the award for Best Press Photo 2015, with much emotion

This photo, showing the steps in “I’m Charlie,” and shows a french muslim woman, holding at arm a sign condemning the attacks in Paris …

So thank you to the press professionals who appointed me, thank you to the jury who awarded me the trophy created by glass artist Nicole Barondeau, thank you to the French Press Club who organized this beautiful evening, then thank you to those that this photo has moved