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In Tubantia – dutch daily newspaper

A great article in the Dutch daily Tubantia, written by journalist Marjolein Rietman.

An opportunity to look back a little bit on my career and my exhibition in the Netherlands, which starts next week.

gregory herpe tubantia janvier 2019

My portrait on dutch tv

This portrait of me will be broadcast on the Dutch TV channel Omproep Tv’s “Uit met Esther”, on january 31th.

Thanks to the journalist Anne-Marie Van Oosteren for her kindness and her idea to illustrate the report by Michel

Legrand’s music, who left us last Saturday, and whom I had met 25 years ago already….


My portrait on dutch tv…

Interviewed this morning by TV Gelderland, in the Netherlands.
The portrait will be in Omroep Tv the 31th of January, in the tv show « Uit met Esther ».
Thank you to the friendly journalist Anne-Marie van Oosteren

tv gelderland 2 tv gelderland

In “Achterhoek Nieuws”…

Thanks to journalist Rob Stevens for his article on my work, in the weekly “Achterhoek Nieuws”.

The whole page 7, and the story of some of my reports in Cambodia or Belfast with the I.R.A.

achterhoek_nieuws_oktober_gregory_herpe 2018 petit

Tv Interview

Thank you to Nicolas Caudeville for that interview in the Museum of St-Cyprien, France, the day after the opening of my new exhibition:


Last night, at the Photo Exhibition opening of my group with the Unapei66 in St Esteve, we had the joy of receiving Olivier Roirand, TV Director of Tv Sud, who came to interview me on my photo project, for the Tonight News (7:30 p.m. on South TV, on channel 33 of TNT in France !!).

Here is the preview :

tv sud st esteve

Thank you to Olivier Roirand, Marie-Hélène Rajkowski, and TV Sud!


My interview with the excellent Nicolas CAUDEVILLE which points to the immobility of the city of Perpignan... disinterest ? Contempt? ...


Listen my video interview by Nicolas Caudeville for a french blog.

A very cool interview in the south of France…


My interview in Aartur magazine

Thanks a lot to Tiffany Chelim, for my interview in Aartur, an excellent art magazine, in France!

Lets talk about photography, from William Eggleston to Richard Avedon, art, from Andy Warhol to Philippe Wodianyk, cinema, from Philippe Léotard to Francis Huster, etc…

It’s here:

Interview in About Art Magazine, Austria

My interview in the Austrian magazine “About Art Magazine”, by Tanja Playner
the web version of the mag here:…/star-fotograf-gregory-h…

The presentation is in German, but the interview in English :)

Note: the photo is from my son Arthur (I work the pic after, just a little bit)