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Thanks to the news magazine REPORT, in Azerbaijan, for their article about me, with my photographs.

In english :

In azeri :

In russian :




In LSD Magazine, about architectural design in Baku

Here is my article & pics about architectural design in Baku, Azerbaijan:


Azerbaijan & Robert Hossein

Yesterday evening, I was invited for the national day of Azerbaijan,

by His Excellency Mister Elchin Amirbayov, ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in France,

and His Excellency Mister Anar Karimov, UNESCO permanent delegate of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

at the cultural department of the embassy, for a wonderful reception.


The opportunity to meet Madam Mirvari Fataliyava, President of the House of Azerbaijan in Paris, with whom I work on a beautiful project of photoreports, and the great Robert Hossein, a disarming kindness, who delighted me of a multitude of funny and beautiful anecdotes.


A country to be discovered for the beauty of its landscapes and for the kindness of his people!

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