Street art in Barcelona

April 24, 2015 by Gregory Herpe

Last weekend, I went to Barcelona with two street artists Lord Gregory Byron and Philippe Wodianyk, just to take some pictures and to shoot some images to make a mini-movie; an impression of a street art expedition at nigth.

And what a night! From Gothic Quarter to the Raval area, Observing if the way was clear at every street corner.

Lots of fun, adrenaline and a first interogation from the police at 04:00 AM … not so bad!

The two artists talked about their art, their projects, and showed their complitely new point of views of street art :

Philippe Wodianyk, abstract and figurative painter, brings something new to the streets. He shows his painting in a style which we do not expect!

Lord Byron Gregory decorates the walls with political humor collages with derision; Obama, Clinton, Putin, Hollande, King Juan Carlos, Angela Merkel, everyone gets a turn …

Watch the documentary! And share if you like! Thank you

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