Opening in Zurich

November 27, 2017 by Gregory Herpe

Opening in Zurich

I was very pleased by the beautiful opening of my exhibition in Zurich, november 11th.
The Art & Business Gallery, "Political Poetical" offered me to exhibite, as an emerging artist, 
alongside with great masters like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Erwin Olaf, but also Santiago Sierra, 
Chus García-Fraile, Johan Wahlstrom, Johanna Reich, and Josie McCoy.
Seeing my photos in front of Picasso's drawings was awesome.

Thanks to Petra Lossen (director), Leonhard Flopp (owner of the gallery) & Paco Barragan (curator).

Paco Barragan, curator, me, Leonhard Flopp, owner of the gallery, & Petra Lossen, director of the gallery

Sans titre-1

Me, Gaynor Dunraven, artists agent, & Paco Barragan, curator of the exhibition

My Canon AE1

An original picture of Erwin Olaf and several Picasso's draws

With a Dali Sculpture



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