Meeting of Styles, in France

July 23, 2016 by Gregory Herpe

From 23th until the 31th of July, the world of StreetArt settled in Perpignan, in the south of France, Meeting of Styles, international festival of graffiti & urban culture.
Surrounded by the beautiful setting of the Arsenal, with a decor of ruins from the Church of the Convent of the Great Carmelites, fifty street artists, DJs, beatbox champions and skateboarders,
came together to present the hip-hop culture.
This festival Meeting of Styles that runs continuously around the world, from China to Germany, via South America, came to France and will be only in Perpignan.
I am very fortunate this year to cover this for the english magazine “London Streetart & Design Magazine”, and will be continued …

With my friend, the Peruvian streetartist Isaac Barreda, in front of another peruvian artist, Walter Berns, at work on his fresco.

Artists present: Astro, Belin, Walter Berns, Brus, Cannibal Letters, ClifeBurns, Dashe, Demon, Diksa, Donut, Ekto, Gerz, Heis, Hizep, Isaac Barreda,
Jok, Lahe, Manyak, Maye, Miedo, Mr Dheo, Nask, Ogre, Omouck, Olson, Pariz One, Persu, Rekor, Resfe, Rever, Rize, Same, Sawer, Shane, Shue, Shure, Skey,
Smile, Ster, Stom 500, STKFR, Taer, Taroe, Treze, Yako, Ynoke, Yours, Zurik, Team, 
from Spain, Peru, Italia, Bolivia, UK, Germany, Luxemburg, Portugal, Belgium, Algeria, Austria and France...

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