Eat an omelet with Nina Hagen

November 2, 2015 by Gregory Herpe

Eat an omelet with Nina Hagen

Saturday night, I went to photograph Nina Hagen

Well … Not an easy job because there was an huge crowd, I was badly placed, without pit for photographers.

But we are all adaptable.

After the concert, thanks to my friend Anne Vivien, whom I thank Warmly, I have been “accepted” backstage where I spent a nice hour alone with Nina Hagen, enjoying a delicious omelet (with a late arrival of her assistant Nicole Steffen).

We talked about Brecht, Juliette Greco, French cheese, Provence and its lavender fields, etc …

Suddenly, getting along very well, I agreed to do her promo photos for the whole world tour :)

See you in Paris next week, Nina!

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