Day 7 : White Building & The Cid…

June 12, 2016 by Gregory Herpe


(with Tina Kieffer)


Sunday in Phnom Penh …

Early this morning I went to the “White Building” …

A concrete bar of 350 meters long, near the town center, designed by the Khmer architect Vann Molyvann, in the 60s.

In the 70s, deserted because of the seizure of power by the Khmer Rouge, subsequently it had a second blast, reinvested by genocide survivors.

A 4 floor dilapidated, crumbling ruin, amidst garbage and malodor.


Lots of the residence are provincials, who came to town in hope to find a job.

But the reputation of the White Building is equivocal, a real hideout for delinquents, drug addicts and prostitutes.

I also cross monks begging from door to door, imparting the neighborhood with a particular rhythm of their nagging melodies…


(White Building)


Abruptly, I followed the monks, into one of their neighborhoods … A chook-chook driver, curious and unoccupied, proposed me to pose with one of them … Being on the other side of my objective is a rare moment, and particular…


(My friend the monk)


Back to Villa Langka, lunch and a powerful thunderstorm. Oh rage! Oh despair! Oh age, my enemy! Said Don Diegue in Le Cid (….by Corneille … … and no, not the singer, but the playwright of the seventeenth century, thank you!).

Tonight, I set out again to Happy Chandara …




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