Day 5 : Stethoscope & Hair Straightener

June 11, 2016 by Gregory Herpe

Early this morning, we attended at the raising of the flags, all students were present to make a plan for the anniversary film with Tina Kieffer for the existence of 10 years of ‘Toutes à l’ecole”, directed by the dynamic Sophie Bourde .

Some plans where made with a drone, and attacked by pigeons; but we avoided the drama!

Tina and I then took the opportunity, to do some portraits with the children.

The kids look at Tina with eyes full of love, instinctively, they know how she fought for them for so many years.




Then I went to take pictures in college. In French class and the exercise of today was about writing a postcard to the godparents.

I noticed that they were doing this wholeheartedly.

Happy Chandara, has also a great collaboration with the L’Oréal Foundation. Therefore, they are also forming hair stylists and beauticians here. However Tina Kieffer wishes to give these young girls the best, so they also receive specialized instruction in management and English.

I attend elsewhere in strenuous exercises in the form of a role play, where students take the roles of a client and a hair stylist. I am impressed to see how well they already have a very sophisticated English vocabulary in this field. I take pictures and then pass in the adjoining class in which a guy gets clipped a cool Boys Band fringe. The teacher is very attentive to her students and you can feel invested. The others do hair styling, make-up, varnish nails, all with L’Oreal products, of course.

At Happy Chandara, diner time is always a cheerful time of sharing and exchange. We all eat together; the tall seated amidst the small. The opportunity to have fun, and a lot!

There are a lot of volunteers here, this week, two gynecologists came to visit especially to educate the young girls.

I watch with amusement two children among the youngest having fun. One of them, with a plastic stéthoscope in hand, auscultates the other. A new generation…


I can see a strong symbol of healthy ambition from Tina for her small apprentices. To form strong women, to arm them professional with responsibilities, blooming in their lives.

And then I leave again to cycle on these unpaved roads with dirt and on which it is difficult to breathe when trucks are making dirty opaque clouds, asphyxiation your lungs, when they cross.

Encounters that are etched forever in my memory.



I think back of the woman in the photo I made, her hair treated, who knows by whom, a friend or her sister, outdoors.

Look at her face, how she must have suffered, but can you see the tenderness she has in her eyes, the sweetness in her smile?


I see many of these faces, Cambodia. We often speak of “inner beauty”; I believe, myself, that this beauty is seen on the outside, drawn in the wrinkles of their faces, weathered by many hardships, but not that one of love…

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