Day 3: After storm comes smiles …

June 8, 2016 by Gregory Herpe

First full day in Happy Chandara.

A morning-visit together with Tina Kieffer, at absolutely all the classrooms, from College, High School to Vocational Education.

All the teachers and all the students are now aware that I’m there, that I will pass as discreetly as possible, everywhere, frequently, making pictures.

I crossed only smiling faces…

This afternoon, I started to take photographs. The young school girls like taking pictures; they laugh, make jokes.

I attended at drawing class, Khmer, mathematics, computing, traditional dance. They enjoy learning and it’s nice to see.

There are so many things to photograph here; “Toutes à l’école (All to School)” is a wonderful NGO that demands respect. Tina Kieffer has built all of this in only ten years. Well done, Tina!

Here, everything is made to provide the best for the young girls with the noble ambition, that later they become women with blooming professionally.


DSC_1253   those who go to school…


And then a thundering storm arrives. Cloudbursts, and then the sun comes back and smiles too.

In the late afternoon, I went to “lose” myself upon vague roads, muddy, in the lush countryside.

People live there, along the roads, in sheds made of wave plate and wood.


DSC_0991   those who do not go …

I have photographed the misery and dignity.

Because you have no idea of the conditions under which these people live.

Because you have no idea of the brightness of their smiles, despite everything, their sense of hospitality, their instinctive kindness …

Standing in the mud, I saw poor people, but yet laughing.

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