Day 10 : Does Anyone have an umbrella?…

June 16, 2016 by Gregory Herpe

The monsoon has arrived … Anyway, the first signs.

The rains continues to fall since early this morning and despite this heavy rain, the day has been photographically disrupted.

I have spend the morning at the high school where students had tests in English, mathematics, and French.

I think that the overall level in English of the major students is excellent.


It is necessary to say that at Happy Chandara, the children start learning English from the first year, somewhere around 5 or 6 years!

I’m wondering why do we not do the same in France …

These children  become educated women and will be able to take part in tomorrow’s economic life and reconstruction of a country where men dominate.

This is not inevitable and Tina Kieffer has understood this very well by establishing this school and offering the opportunity to these disadvantaged children.

In the start of the school year (2015-2016) , there were 1160 pupils to follow this quality education. We just have learned with a smile, that more than one hundred of new children will incorporate next schoolyear and will also comeback here.


Rain falls again … its nap time for the smallest. They lie against each other on woven mats.



A bright spot … Time to play a little … and then the day passes so quickly in Happy Chandara that the bell ringing already …


And under torrents of rain, school is finished …




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