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In “Achterhoek Nieuws”…

Thanks to journalist Rob Stevens for his article on my work, in the weekly “Achterhoek Nieuws”.

The whole page 7, and the story of some of my reports in Cambodia or Belfast with the I.R.A.

achterhoek_nieuws_oktober_gregory_herpe 2018 petit

In the Berkelland Nieuws, in the Netherlands…

A very nice article (page 3) & the cover in the dutch niewspaper “Berkelland Nieuws”…

Thanks to Franklin Veldhuis & Hans Assink.


Direct link here:



What’s inside an artist’s brain?…

This 1minute video shows the intricate mechanisms involved in the progression of creation’s in the brain of an artist.

Last June, I had a brain scan because of frequent headaches.

Looking at my brain, I wondered if the artists were different from others …

Take a look on youtube:


Artists have structurally different brains compared with non-artists, a study has found.

Participants’ brain scans revealed that artists had increased neural matter in areas relating to fine motor movements and visual imagery.

The research, published in NeuroImage, suggests that an artist’s talent could be innate.

But training and environmental upbringing also play crucial roles in their ability, the authors report.

As in many areas of science, the exact interplay of nature and nurture remains unclear.

Lead author Rebecca Chamberlain from KU Leuven, Belgium, said she was interested in finding out how artists saw the world differently.

“The people who are better at drawing really seem to have more developed structures in regions of the brain that control for fine motor performance and what we call procedural memory,” she explained.

In their small study, researchers peered into the brains of 21 art students and compared them to 23 non-artists using a scanning method called voxel-based morphometry.

These detailed scans revealed that the artist group had significantly more grey matter in an area of the brain called the precuneus in the parietal lobe.

“This region is involved in a range of functions but potentially in things that could be linked to creativity, like visual imagery – being able to manipulate visual images in your brain, combine them and deconstruct them,” Dr Chamberlain told the BBC’s Inside Science programme.

Participants also completed drawing tasks and the team looked at the relationship between their performance in this task and their grey and white matter.


A changing brain

Those better at drawing had increased grey and white matter in the cerebellum and also in the supplementary motor area – both areas that are involved with fine motor control and performance of routine actions.

Grey matter is largely composed of nerve cells, while white matter is responsible for communication between the grey matter regions.

But it is still not clear what this increase of neural matter might mean. From looking at related studies of other creative people, such as musicians, it suggests that these individuals have enhanced processing in these areas, Dr Chamberlain added.

“It falls into line with evidence that focus of expertise really does change the brain. The brain is incredibly flexible in response to training and there are huge individual differences that we are only beginning to tap into.”

Another author of the paper, Chris McManus from University College London, said it was difficult to distinguish what aspect of artistic talent was innate or learnt.

“We would need to do further studies where we look at teenagers and see how they develop in their drawing as they grow older – but I think [this study] has given us a handle on how we could begin to look at this.”

Commenting on the small sample size, Prof McManus said: “Since the results were statistically significant then clearly there was the power to find something, which almost by definition means it was large enough.

“And also of interest is that other people have also had hints at effects in similar locations. Obviously in an ideal world we’d like 1000 subjects, but that isn’t realistic. It’s always a compromise between cost, practicality and interest.”


No ‘right’ side

Ellen Winner of Boston College, US, who was not involved with the study, commented that it was very interesting research.

She said it should help “put to rest the facile claims that artists use ‘the right side of their brain’ given that increased grey and white matter were found in the art group in both left and right structures of the brain”.

“Only a prospective study could get at the question of innate structural brain differences that predispose people to become visual artists, and this kind of study has not been done as it would be very difficult and very expensive to carry out.”


In Openeye Photo Magazine…

I’m very proud to be in the N°8 of OPENEYE Magazine, page 72 to 84…

Thanks to Philippe Litzler, editor-in-chief, for your rave article about my work on the IRA in Belfast, and Pierre Evrard, Director of publication…


#photographie #IRA #Belfast #openeye #photo


Moving to the Netherlands…

This is not the first time I’ve been abroad, and I’ve lived in a few countries already, but it’s still a new adventure that is a little scary and exciting at the same time.

It is in the Netherlands that I have just settled, with wife and children, and even if I know this kingdom rather well, I am struck by the calm and the cleanliness which reign there.

A country that soothes, at least in Gelderland, the largest province of the Netherlands, bordering Germany, and now my “new home” …
The creative inspiration is there, the desire for new challenges too.

The African lion faces the threat of extinction by the year 2050

I’ve seen many lions in Kenya & Tanzania, 20 years ago but things change…

The Brave_lion_gregory_herpe  the usurper  The Crown Prince

The African lion faces the threat of extinction by the year 2050, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service director Dan Ashe warned today.

The sobering news came as part of the agency’s announcement that it has officially proposed that African lions receive much-needed protection under the Endangered Species Act.

The decision to list the big cats as threatened—one level below endangered—would allow the U.S. government to provide some level of training and assistance for on-the-ground conservation efforts and restrict the sale of lion parts or hunting trophies into the country or across state lines.

The total population of lions in Africa is currently estimated at about 34,000 animals, down by at least 50 percent from three decades ago.

Those numbers, however, tell only part of the story. As Ashe pointed out during a press conference today, about 70 percent of the remaining lions—24,000 cats—live in just 10 “stronghold” regions in southern and eastern Africa.

Lions in other regions, such as West Africa, have been almost completely wiped out.

FWS identified three main threats currently facing lions: habitat loss, loss of their prey base to the bushmeat trade, and human-lion conflict. All three threats are inexorably linked.

The human population of sub-Saharan Africa is expected to double by the year 2050, which will result in more conversion of habitat to agriculture, more hunting of the wild ungulates the lions depend upon for prey, and more instances of hungry lions attacking livestock and then being killed in retaliation.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), retaliatory or preemptive attacks against lions are the worst threats the species faces. The IUCN lists African lions as a whole as vulnerable to extinction.

Lions do face another major threat: sport hunting. The proposal to protect lions comes in response to a 2011 petition from five conservation groups, who revealed that hunting occurs in 16 of the 20 countries in which lions remain and that the number of lion trophies imported back into the U.S. by American hunters doubled between 1999 and 2008.

The official FWS position, however, iterated today by Ashe, is that sports hunting does not contribute to lions being endangered, especially when revenues from these hunts support lion conservation efforts. This is consistent with other hunting-as-conservation positions taken by FWS, including last year’s decision to allow a hunter to import a black rhino trophy into the U.S. for the first time in 33 years.

Still, Jeff Flocken, North American regional director at the International Fund for Animal Welfare—one of the groups backing the original petition—calls the FWS announcement “very significant.”

Although Endangered Species Act protection would not block American hunters from traveling to Africa to hunt lions, the proposal does establish a new permitting process that would require any hunters importing lion trophies back to the U.S. to apply for and receive a permit first.

These permits, Ashe said, would only be granted if the lion were taken from a scientifically proven hunting program that actually helps lion populations and if the number of lions taken by hunters is sustainable.

Flocken says the new permit process could “quickly and easily” help to minimize the threat that hunters pose to African lions by identifying trophies that come from areas where lions are more at risk—or from “canned hunts,” in which captive-raised lions are shot in controlled situations. “The permit system will allow the U.S. government to monitor and evaluate the trophies that are coming in,” Flocken says.

Ashe called today’s announcement an opportunity for awareness about the challenges that wildlife faces worldwide as human population dramatically increases. He added that this was a chance for optimism:

“We can be successful here,” he said. “We can change the course of events. The U.S. has great experience in wildlife management and hopefully we’ll be able to bring that to bear in working with our African partners.”

The proposal to list lions as threatened will be published in the Federal Register on October 29, after which the public will have 90 days to submit comments.


source: John R Platt & Scientific American


Live on french radio

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of participating, as every week, in the show “Et si on en parlait”, hosted by Patrick Mas on France Bleu Roussillon, exceptionally live from the Fair Expo.

I was surrounded by three other talented columnists, André Bonet, President of the CML (Mediterranean Center of Literature), Frédérique Barriol-Montes, winery owner of Domaine la Casenove, and Jacky Loos, owner of the excellent restaurant Host & Vinum in Canet in Roussillon.

Some good moments, as always!

To see it again on my channel Youtube (register, it’s free!):


The American magazine “Popular Photo Magazine” is organizing the election of the portrait of the year.

The photo I made recently of a Femen is in the running.

Vote for her by following this link (then confirming the vote by email).


In advance, thank you all!


Jenny A Wenhammar, leader of Femen Sweden poses for me & sends her message to Putin & Erdogan, on youtube…

Sie Ist Idaho

Femen : feminists fight Erdogan and Putin

Femen leader in Sweden, Jenny A Wenhammar, wanted to meet me so that I realize, for her and her movement, the photo intended to deliver two strong messages related to the news:


- The first, intended for Vladimir Putin, on the occasion of the presidential election in Russia,  March 18, 2018. She wishes through this photo denounce the absence of democracy in Russia, the lack of rights of women, and discrimination against LGTBs.


- The second, addressed to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkey, condemning their attempted genocide against the Kurdish people in Afrin.


So she made the trip and we made this picture, with the only request to pose with “my clouds” and my style.


Femen became internationally famous by organizing actions, mostly topless with slogans written on the body, this in order to defend the rights of women, to engage in favor of democracy, and to fight against corruption or again against the influence of religions in society.


The unsensored picture:

Femen - feminists fight Erdogan and Putin


You will find below the official statement of Femen accompanying this picture:



On the 18th of March 2018 Putin sacrificed the Kurdish people in Afrin for his superpower wet dream, on the date of the 4th anniversary of his sneaky annexation of Crimea 2014 in Ukraine. On the 18th of March 2018, Putin arranged elections without a choice, and turned his blind eye to his fake democracy apprentice Erdogan in Turkey who early in the morning of this so called Russian election day, conveniently annexed Afrin in Rojava in northern Syria.


Let’s make it clear that Putin and Erdogan are eager to build their nationalist fascism based on fighting feminist values.

They fight by installing double fear, but Femen does not fear them. Femenists fight back!


Putin and Erdogan are evil twin brothers in their use of fascism to silence advocates of democracy and freedom of expression, extended

to all members of society.


They fight human rights through harassment, imprisonment and murder of free-thinking people. Hailing fear, and fearing opposition.

They extended fear to society through cultivation of conservative nationalism and religious pride, claiming that western values will

undermine Russia and Turkey.


And what frightens them the most is equality and LGBTQ-rights. Despots always fear feminism, throughout history.

On the 18th of March 1940 Hitler met his evil twin brother Mussolini in the Brenner Pass, and history does repeats itself over and over again

when psychopath authoritarian men recognize how they can use each other to expand their territory, grabbing whatever they want.


On the other side we have the opposite values; of feminism and care for living beings’ rights. Keep it clear that these are two systems at war.

The Kurdish freedom fighters with it’s brave women and men from YPJ and YPG together ending the Islamic Caliphate in the region, believe in the values of secularity and women’s rights, establishing inclusive direct democracy and a gender revolution, where ethnic minorities and the gay community are welcomed. The revolution of Rojava united socialism, feminism and even environmentalism.


When Erdogan cracked down at the uprise in Gezi Park 2013 it should have been clear to the world what was to come, from bad to worse.

Now after the coup Turkey’s regime locks up more journalists than any other government on Earth, and as Erdogan expands his sunni caliphate the relationship between Turkey and jihadism is undeniable.

The repeated Kurdish genocides, recently committed by ISIS, are continued by Erdogan, condoned by Putin.

Putin has betrayed the Kurds, and so has the world, as has the world neglected Russia waging a horrendous air campaign in Syria on behalf of Assad’s forces, since 2015. And Erdogan has thrived from his payed position stopping refugees from fleeing into Europe.

Both Putin and Erdogan gain power by a wavering West, and for Putin a Turkish conflict with NATO is a plus.


So when Turkey two months ago launched an air and ground offensive called “Olive Branch” against Kurdish controlled Afrin, even if US troops

have fought with the Kurds against ISIS, Putin withdrew the Russian air umbrella protecting Afrin, giving an obvious approval.

Putin condoned ethnical cleansing on the day of his electoral fake victory where voters were forced to choose him for six more years of dictatorship.

This destabilizes the relations with Assad and Rouhani, but is apparently preferred by Putin in order to harm stability in the European Union

and transatlantic relationships.

Here Putin and Erdogan stand hand in hand – happy twin homophobes united in preventing any drift westward.

For they are as horny for power as they are scared of feminism.



Award of the Best Press Photo of the year

I did not see these images of the awards ceremony of the 29th Night of the Press, in 2015.

I had the pleasure of receiving the Best Press Photo Award for an image from my reportage about the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Here is the video of the pleasant memory of a trophy that opened a few doors.

Click on the image (and subscribe to my Youtube channel!):

gregory herpe nuit de la presse - meilleure photo de presse 2015 - je suis charlie2

Storm in Catalonia

Canet en Roussillon, 1st March 2018

With the cold wave that hit France and Europe in general, the Catalan coast showed a poetic anger, at the beginning of the week

Anders om, by Amber Huijskes

First book of my stepdaughter Amber, “Anders om”, exposed in the Arnhem’s library!
Proud of her!

Her website:



There are different advantages to buying the work of a living artist (Acquisition of works of art companies may deduct from their taxable profit the cost of acquiring, for example).

All my photographs are signed, numbered (series of 8 or 20 prints only), with a certificate of authentication.

You will find the formats and prices here:

I am happy to answer any questions you may have:

American Gothic in the Netherlands

January 1st, 2018, close to the city of Winterswijk, in the Netherlands, near the German border,

I was surprised to find this chalet, inspired by one of the most famous paintings

of the XXth century:

American Gothic, from Grant Wood. This painting (collection of the Institute of Art of Chicago)

presents a standing farmer next to his single daughter. The models were the dentist and the

sister of  Grant Wood.

The woman is dressed in a printed colonial apron imitating the American traditional style of

XIXth Century.

The fork suggests hard labour and the flowers above the right shoulder of the woman suggests

the domestic life.

I was pleasant surprised to find this very free adaptation in the dutch countryside, and to notice that his

anonymous author choose to make the girl wink, for unknown reasons…

Happy New Year

Happy NY 2018

Merry Christmas!

In this loveliest and happiest of seasons, may you find many reasons to celebrate. Have a wonderful Christmas!

In The Pariser…The french New Yorker!

A nice article from journalist and photographer Karine Sicard-Bouvatier, on the blog "The Pariser",

the digital version of the eponymous magazine launched by two excellent journalists : Ulysse Gosset and Laetitia Monsacre.

I'm proud that my name is mentioned in this article.


FOTOFEVER 2017 : done!

It was a nice fair in the prestigious setting of the Carrousel du Louvre.
Fotofever 2017 is done and it was a lot of very good professional meetings.

The Castang Art Project gallery presented my animal work in Africa, from Kenya to Ethiopia, through Tanzania, Namibia, Cameroon, Congo, 
from November 10th to 12th.

I invite you to contact Roger Castang, director of the gallery, to buy these works:
With Cécile Schall, Fotofever director

Roger Castang, director of the Castang Art Project gallery



With my friend Olivier Pérouze, cartoon screenwriter

Pauline, Miss Pin Up France 2018

Last night during the radio show “and if we talk about..”, on France Blue, presented by Patrick Mas, we received Miss Pauline Vidal, Miss Pin-Up France 2018.

This was a beautiful occasion for us (Jacques Font, owners of several cinema in France, and Thierry Meier, producer) to listen to a young beautiful woman and recalling what the French elegance in the 50s was all about.

Without the slightest vulgarity and with a good set of brains underneath her veil, this dog groomer, will defend the French colors at the Miss Las Vegas Pin-Up, the real World Championship of this discipline.

Good luck, Pauline!


A lowbrow artist: Berhart

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting the french artist Berhart (and to buy two splendid prints from him) at the tattoo convention of Perpignan, south of France.
Self-taught artist and a very original man, below you can read his official bio and I invite you to discover his awesome work by checking out his website:

At the end of the 80s, when he continued the comics from Pellos "Les pieds nickelés", Berhart "decorates" the streets of Toulouse with stencils, stickers, and graphics
inspired by African art.
Subsequently, he leaves the streets and comics for illustration and artistic direction in publishing and communication.
He had the opportunity, in the mid-90s, to publish the comics magazine "Azimut".
From 2005, at the head of Galerie Berhart, he devoted himself to his art, opening a parenthesis between 2008 and 2012 to lead "Caramba!" Publishing, a particularly
innovative ebooks publisher.
Since 2013, he returned to his art. He has produced large black and white drawings with a dense and complex composition teeming with esoteric, political, mystical and alchemical messages. 
He diverted classical works as well as references and imagery of popular culture, giving them a new meaning and a strong symbolic burden.
In parallel, he creates very colorful paintings inspired by street-culture and comics.

At the forefront of Pop Art and off the path of institutional art, he constructs a work that is rich in meaning, critical and uninhibited, questioning the cultural and social
chaos of the twenty-first century.

Gypsy culture in the European Parliament

End of the exhibition of my photos on gypsy culture in the European Parliament.
A very beautiful adventure.

On the agenda of Parliament this week, there was discussion against anti-Gypsyism; my photos were in the right place and at the right time.

And what a pleasure to be surrounded by my gypsy friends Jimmy Villa, singer and guitarist, and David Baptiste, restaurateur!


On the Black Frame Magazine…

Thanks to the journalist Camilla Sechi!


Follow the link:

Exhibition in Zurich with Dali, Picasso & Erwin Olaf…

Petra Lossen Fine Art is pleased to announce the thought-provoking interdisciplinary international exhibition Political Poetical with works by Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Santiago Sierra, Erwin Olaf, Chus García-Fraile, Johan Wahlstrom, Johanna Reich, Gregory Herpe and Josie McCoy.

Curated by Spanish curator and arts writer Paco Barragán and Petra Lossen, the exhibit brings together an imaginative mix of classic and contemporary artists around the topics of the ‘political’ and the ‘poetical’.

The personal is political….and the political is poetical we could add. To the famous 1960s slogan—about which by the way until today nobody claimed autorship for originating the phrase—we could confidently argue that the political is poetical.

Especially in the contingent times of today’s capitalism it becomes a fascinating topic to  examine how the political can be poetical and how the poetical is extremely political.

We entered in the mean time ‘classic’ artists like Picasso and Dalí in a fresh dialogue with contemporary artists like Santiago Sierra, Erwin Olaf or Josie McCoy, just to mention a few. The exhibition represents an exercise in a-historical or trans-historical curating that helps us to articulate how the political-poetical dialectics has been and still is a mayor topic in contemporary art and society.

Basically, we could argue that the artistic and its structures are always trying to redefine themselves and looking for news ways to meet the challenges society faces. Maybe today under neo-liberalism it is not about utopia or demanding radical democracy, but about more modest goals: the survival of democracy or the return/recovery of certain benefits of the wellfare state.


The exhibit Political Poeticalinserts itself within this fascinating artistic discourse and pursues the questions of what is art, what can art do and if it still can represent a place of resistance, critique and opposition.

If for Hannah Arendt the political is inevitably connected to actions that enable the appearance of the ‘unknown’, the art world is a place of ‘conflictual consensus’—as Jacques Ranciére would argue—where the utopian, the irreverent, the radical, and the impossible is possible. “Contrary to the usual assumption”­­—affirms Murray Edelman—“art should be recognized as a major and integral part of the transaction that engenders political behaviour.”

The group of artists reunited in the show tackle the dialects political-poetical from diferent angles negotiating its limits and its tensions using varied intedisciplinary media like painting, photography, video, sculpture, performance and work on paper.

The exhibition is both concept and display-wise divided into two constellations.


The ‘political wall’ will revolve around Pablo Picasso´s drawings of Guernica—the so-called Post-scripts—that are still today a master piece and a clear example of the horror and injustices of war. Both Spanish artists Santiago Sierra and Chus García-Fraile will enter in dialogue with Picasso in a literal and metaphorical manner: while Sierra presents a photo from the famous series of Veterans of the War of Iraq, Afghanistan Facing the Walldenouncing the connection between capitalism and warfare, Chus García-Fraile delves into the origine of the fireworks and the idea of the image as artifice, as simulacrum, conveying mesmerizing analogies between real bombings and fireworks. Also on the same wall we will display Johann M. Reich’s video-performance Monument in which she paints a simple German flag in which she ´literally’ disappears revolving around ideas of patriotism and nationalism. And finally, we will exhibit a fascinating image by Dutch artist Erwin Olaf staged in the Berlin interbellum years with its unmatching oneiric atmosphere. Now that we celebrate 80 years of the bombing of Guernica, Picasso’s drawings  will provide a fascinating dialogue with the work of Santiago Sierra, Chus García-Fraile, Johanna Reich, Erwin Olaf and

If in the former constellation of works the political is more obvious or manifest, the ‘poetical wall’ reunites works in a sort of ‘assemblage’ by Salvador Dalí, Josie McCoy, Gregory Herpe and Johan Wahlstrom. Here we find the political filtered through modern society and elements like mass media, celebrity and social life in which the representation acquires poetical hints.

Salvador Dalí is an extremely political artist, although this part of his career has been conveniently silenced as he didn´t choose the right side of history. One of the inventors of the celebrity cultus, Dalí’s Profile of Time is an open-ended work which can reference from Einstein´s relativity theory to the poetical surrealists dream states in which oneiric landscapes go hand in hand with estranged characters. Josie McCoy delve directly in the realm of the celebrity status and politics turned into a celebrity contest: while Josie McCoy portrays the couple Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner exploring the potentiality of estrangement between the celebrity and the viewer.

On its turn, Gregory Herpe offers awkward and poetic black and white photographs of today’s cityscapes populated by celebrity personalities like Mick Jagger —vigilantly watched by French military— and histrionic Donald Trump. Finally, Swedish artist Johan Wahlstrom also walks the path of celebrity, mass media and especially social media by conveying estranged compositions of everyday life of people engaging in social media in the most varied situations tackling imaginatively concepts like “hyperflexibility”, “mobility” and “availability”, which are the key to the neo-liberal mantra. Departing from Salvador Dalí’s Profile of time we have in a metaphorical manner conceived a wall that deals poetically with politics, celebrity and social media.

The exhibition Political Poetical basically allows us to ask ourselves what is the role of art in society and how art can explore new ways and new ideas that can find directly or indirectly its way into our quotidianeity. Petra Lossen Fine Art is extremely happy to have reunited such a pool of artists in such a fascinating dialogue.



“Political Poetical”

An International Art Show curated by Petra Lossen & Paco Barragan

Art & Business Gallery

Trittligasse 4 – 8801 Zurich, Switzerland

On the press
Chronicler in french radio

Twenty years ago, my friend Sam Zniber, host of NRJ Radio had introduced me to the station and I discovered a fun and exciting world!

I wrote news, participated in the interviews of the stars who came in our show "The Program Z" (N°1 in France) such as George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzeneger, Will Smith,
Jon Bon Jovi, etc.

After we went both to Fun Radio for other adventures before I returned to other artistic directions.

This summer, Patrick Mas, host of France Bleu Roussillon proposed me to be part of his team as chronicler for his new program "We talk about it"; the show runs from Tuesday till Thursday 
from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

We discuss and debate about almost everything, except politics or sport, he said!


Yesterday evening, it was my first and we had a good time, sometimes agitated but often funny, hosted by Patrick Mas (Master of the ceremony), and two other chroniclers of the day,
the painter Anne Pacull and Thierry Meyer, producer.

Highly recommended ...gregory herpe patrick mas france bleu


The exhibition on Youtube

The new exhibition in the Castang Art Project gallery, in Perpignan, France, on Youtube.

Artwork from Gregory Herpe (photographer) & Alexandre Nicolas (sculptor)…

youtube expo gregory herpe - alexandre nicolas

Exhibition with Alexandre Nicolas

Very proud to exhibit with the talented sculptor Alexander Nicholas. The gallerist Roger Castang, as a great professional as he is, immediately knew that Alexandre’s inclusions and my photos would marry perfectly. Come meet us and discover our works at the Castang Art Project in Perpignan.
Vernissage Herpe et Nicolas
Artists Gregory Herpe & Alexandre Nicolas during the openingThanks to Nicolas Parent, from L’Indépendant, for the pic.


21272450_10210320161427984_6822493693374081847_n  21270928_10210320161867995_7484206091166209235_n

21231640_10210320161107976_217442225905661737_n  21192619_10210320160787968_983126418803705415_n

Castang Art Project Gallery

During all Visa pour l’Image Festival

From Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:30

Sunday 3 and 10 September from 15:00 to 19:30

39 rue Rabelais – 66000 Perpignan – France – +33 (0)6 27 77 12 79

New Exhibition in Castang Art Project Gallery

It’s a huge plaisir to welcome you at the Castang Art Project Gallery, in Perpignan, France, for my new exhibition.

For a long time I had the wish to work together with Roger Castang, a great professionnal who had the excellent idea to propose to me this rendez-vous during the International Photojournalism Festival  Visa pour l’Image, from 31th of August till 17th of September 2017.

This is an unique occasion to discover a selection of photographs taken in Asia, Africa, and Europe, during different photoreportage.

expo castang069

This will also be an encounter with the talentfull sculptor Alexandre Nicolas, whose exceptional work of synthetic crystal inclusions will marry wonderfully with my photographic prints on aluminium plates.


I hope to welcome you all.



From Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm, and on Sundays 3 and 10 September from 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

39 rue Rabelais – 66000 Perpignan

+33 (0)6 27 77 12 79


Bas Kosters designs an unique “I PROTECT TIGERS” shirt …

On the Amsterdam Fashion Week an unique item will be introduced: an “I protect tigers” shirt designed by the dutch artist Bas Kosters (in which creative team my step-daugther Amber Huijskes takes part of; the beautiful blonde at the end of the video with Bas; I’m proud of her!)  with a limited serie from 3900 pieces.

This is the number of tigers still living in the wild…


Amber & Bas Kosters

Bas Kosters & Amber Huijskes (click on the picture to see the video)

The first t-shirt will be shown on the 13 of july during the Amsardam Fashion Week.

From the 13th of july at 9pm, t-shirts ara available online on:


They are only 3900 tigers in the wild.

To save this iconic animal from disparation, the WNF started worldwide a rescue plan to double this number.

So support this rescue plan of WNF and give the tigers a future! Go to and watch what you can do to help!