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My friend Rebekah and her band Saint Ophelia are great artists!

They are about to make their first recording and they are asking for your financial support to make it a success.

They deserve it!

watch their video presentation, listen to their songs … You will be convinced!

Click on the picture:

saint ophelia

Thanks in advance for them!


A video from Meret Lossen about the opening of my exhibition in Zurich with Masters like Picasso, Dali, Erwin Olaf, and several emerging artists (Johan Wahlstrom, Josie McCoy, Nicola Verlato…)….

On Youtube, here:



Congratulations to Orelsan, whom I had the chance to photograph, and who triumphs this night at the Victoires de la Musique (it’s like the Grammy Awards) in the categories:

- Male Artist of the Year

-Album of urban music

- Audiovisual creation


Beyond the polemics, I met a really charming boy, simple and intelligent.

Bravo Aurélien …



September 10th & 11th 2016, les Ateliers du Graff & the city of Puteaux, France, organized the 6th festival of street art.

A big succes where the diversity of the used techniques offered to the visitors a nice show.

It is dynamics Arnaud Eveille (alias Anje) who was the big boss of this unique event.

Bravo Arnaud and thank you for letting me the photoreportage of the festival.

On the menu, anamorphic murals, vegetal graffiti, kinetic & pixel art, the photograffée, and jip-hop, with Kamel Archach’s exceptional presence (alias B.BOY BOSS K), 4 times choreography world champion & 6 times batle world champion with the famous VAGABONDS CREW…Big reference…

The artists:

Anje, Flow, Zag & Sia, Emoy, Smoe, Zosh, SNSA, Adked, Lop6, Ydoz, Biate, Collectif photograffée, Djalouz, Caligr, Pesca, Doudou Style, San One, Dino, MO2…

Space Oddity by David Bowie
Ground control to Major Tom
Tour de contrôle à Major Tom
Ground control to Major Tom
Tour de contrôle à Major Tom
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
Prends tes cachets protéiniques et mets ton casque

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, liftoff
Dix, neuf, huit, sept, six, cinq, quatre, trois, deux, un, décollage

Ground control to Major Tom
Tour de contrôle à Major Tom
Commencing countdown, engines on
Le compte à rebours commence, les moteurs sont allumés
Check ignition and may God’s love be with you
Vérifie la mise à feu et que Dieu soit avec toi

This is ground control to Major Tom
Ici la tour de contrôle à Major Tom
You’ve really made the grade
Tu l’as vraiment fait
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
Et les journaux veulent connaitre la marque de tes chemises
Now it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare
Maintenant il est temps de quitter la capsule si tu l’oses

This is Major Tom to ground control
Ici Major Tom à Tour de contrôle
I’m stepping through the door
Je franchis la porte du sas
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
Je flotte vraiment très bizarrement
And the stars look very different today
Et les étoiles ont l’air très différentes aujourd’hui

Am I sitting in a tin can ?
Suis-je bien assis dans une boîte de conserve ?
Far above the world
Loin au-dessus du monde
Planet Earth is blue
La planète Terre est bleue
And there’s nothing I can do
Et il n’y a rien que je puisse faire

Though I’m past one hundred thousand miles
Bien que je sois à plus de cent cinquante mille kilomètres
I’m feeling very still
Je me sens immobile
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
Et mon vaisseau sait sûrement quelle route prendre
Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows
Dis à ma femme que je l’aime énormément, elle le sait
Ground control to Major Tom
Tour de contrôle à Major Tom
Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong
Tes circuits sont morts, quelque chose ne va pas
Can you hear me, Major Tom ?
Peux-tu m’entendre, Major Tom ?
Can you hear me, Major Tom ?
Peux-tu m’entendre, Major Tom ?
Can you hear me, Major Tom ?
Peux-tu m’entendre, Major Tom ?
Can you hear…
Peux-tu entendre…

Am I sitting in a tin can ?
Suis-je bien assis dans une boîte de conserve ?
Far above the moon
Loin au-dessus de la lune
Planet Earth is blue
La planète Terre est bleue
And there’s nothing I can do, …
Et il n’y a rien que je puisse faire, …

Eat an omelet with Nina Hagen

Saturday night, I went to photograph Nina Hagen

Well … Not an easy job because there was an huge crowd, I was badly placed, without pit for photographers.

But we are all adaptable.

After the concert, thanks to my friend Anne Vivien, whom I thank Warmly, I have been “accepted” backstage where I spent a nice hour alone with Nina Hagen, enjoying a delicious omelet (with a late arrival of her assistant Nicole Steffen).

We talked about Brecht, Juliette Greco, French cheese, Provence and its lavender fields, etc …

Suddenly, getting along very well, I agreed to do her promo photos for the whole world tour :)

See you in Paris next week, Nina!

I am very proud to have been interviewed by the excellent brittish magazine “LSD Magazine”, from London!

A long interview with journalist Pete Fallan which I hope will interest you.

Pete asked me about my photographic work, Gérard Depardieu, Banksy and Orson Welles, Bowie and Iggy Pop, Robin Williams and Peter Greenaway, Omar Sharif, Tarantino and Mick Jagger, street art, my travels and my projects, and many other things.

Thank you to Wayne Anthony, founder of the magazine, and Pete Fallan, for their kindness …

Click on the photo:


Christian Louboutin’s red-soled shoes have been seen on early Rodarte runways and on the feet of every big-name celebrity, though this week they’ll get their most unexpected endorsement yet. In choreographer Blanca Li’s newest piece, Robots, beginning a six-night run at the Brooklyn Academy of Music tomorrow, a tiny animatronic figure will take to the stage sporting Monsieur Louboutin’s finest. Yes, a robot in Christian Louboutins.

To those familiar with Li’s work, a robot in top-notch designs shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. The Paris-based Spanish choreographer counts Stella McCartney and Azzedine Alaïa among her friends, and recently wowed crowds with a performance in Paris for the launch of Alaïa’s debut perfume. “I’m always inspired by Alaïa and his work. A lot of his dresses make me think about how my movement becomes different, and I can create a choreography for the dresses themselves,” Li told on the eve of her performance for the designer.

Robots, though, is a completely different endeavor than her Alaïa-commissioned piece. The journey to choreograph a dance including robots began in 2011, when Li visited the studio of Maywa Denki in Japan. There, she encountered Denki’s robots, each of which could be programmed to play an instrument. From there, she discovered the NAO robot, a small humanoid figure, about the size of a 1-year-old child. The two happenings together lit a spark in Li’s mind. “More and more we are interacting with all kinds of machines. We use regularly whatever new technology brings us, and what’s surprising for me, to see how fast we adapt to all these new technologies,” she explained of the decision to embark on a piece mixing human and robot choreography.

Producing Robots was no easy process. Li and her team experimented with the NAO robot for months, discovering the movements that worked best with human choreography. “For me, what was very important was how to find a way that these robots really become part of the company. They are on the stage, and they have their own presence, and I want to build a moment of emotion with them, even though the interpreter is not a human, it’s a machine,” Li said of her vision for the robots, adding that the ultimate goal was “that we forget, even for one second, that this was a machine.” (Judging by the clip here of a male dancer partnering with the NAO robot, we think it’s safe to say she’s accomplished that goal.)

As for the robots’ fashion, the NAOs sport looks inspired by Japanese uniforms. At certain points in the piece, dancers wear similar items; at others they are in flesh-colored separates, contrasting their organic forms against the robots’ mechanic ones. Perhaps unlike other choreographers, the fashion is anything but an afterthought to Li. “When I’m at the beginning of the choreography, I’m already thinking of how the dancers are going to be dressed, and this way I imagine the movement,” she explained. Still, those Louboutins happened a little bit by chance. After the designer saw Robots in Paris, he expressed interest in working on a pair of shoes for the small figures. While it’s a new element for the New York performances, Li is excited about the prospect—and thinks her robot would be, too. “I think because he’s wearing Louboutin, the robot will be very, very happy.”

Steve Strange died at age 55

Too young to die, rigth?

Pioneers aware of New Romanticism, Steve Strange died Thursday of a heart attack in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Steven John Harrington (his real name) born in 1959 in south-east Wales, was interested in music after attending a Sex Pistols gig in 1976.

At the age of 15 years, Strange had worked for the famous punk band manager Malcolm McClaren.

He then opened the Blitz club in Soho, one of the most vibrant areas of London, and later, in the early 1980s, the place to be for New Romanticism band.

Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Boy George and Culture Club made their debuton his stage.

Formed in 1979, Visage recorded two successful albums and the worldwide hit Fade To Grey, released in 1980.

Addicted to heroin for years from 1985, Steve Strange had subsequently experienced health problems and money.

In 2013, Visage had released a new album and recorded a classic version of Fade To Grey, last year. It was on this occasion thatwe meet in England and we did a photoshoot...wich this image is from.

RIP. Steve

Beyonce on the cover of Wysokie Obcasy

Good news!

One of my photos of Beyonce, very sexy, is on the cover of the Polish magazine Wysokie Obcasy (High Heels).

I do not know what the article says, because I don’t speak that language, but if one of my Polish fans can translate it for me, that would be nice!

Have fun!

ENGLAND’S unofficial DJ at the World Cup in Brazil, Fatboy Slim – aka Norman Cook, 50 – has mixed his favourite Brazilian music on new compilation Bem Brasil.

A major star in Brazil, DJ Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) is well qualified to curate this Latin American party album. With the help of club-conscious mates, including fellow DJs Carl Cox and Diplo, he mixes the rhythms of the Rio carnival with the pounding electronics of European dance.

A double album, Bem Brasil is divided into night-time and daytime discs.

The former features bustling samba drums and updates of standards such as Airto Moreira’s rousing Celebration Suite. The  daytime disc features a superb reworking of bossa nova guitarist Gilberto Gil’s Toda Menina Baiana.

What was your nickname at school?

Ox. My real name is Quentin and a mate called me Quentocks after the Quantock Hills in Somerset. That became The Ox. I changed my name to Norman when I was 22.

What was your favourite childhood toy?

A Spectrum Patrol Vehicle from Captain Scarlet. I had it for years – it had all the gadgets where the doors opened and you could fire missiles.

Describe your kitchen…

Functional, wooden and much-loved. I’m the cook in our family and my speciality is making things up from whatever is in the fridge. I’m good at risottos, but my kids would say my best meal is cauliflower cheese.

What’s your favourite thing that Kanye West has said or done?

I’m obsessed by Bound 2. My four-year-old daughter Nelly loves it too. I’ve got a morbid fascination with Kanye. I’m not sure if I love or hate him, but I think that’s how he wants all of us to feel.

What’s your worst festival toilet experience?

Glastonbury definitely has the worst toilets in the world.

Have you killed an animal?

Do fish count? I like fishing, so I’ve killed many fish. Other than that, I’ve not killed anything bigger than an insect.

In her latest video , Kylie Minogue teaches a very special sport….and very hot!

In ” Sexercize”, Kylie wearing only a white body closer to the body as a tax inspector, hairnets tights and red high heels turgid…

Shit … The temperature is dangerously high….

Yeah! She’s a nice girl , Kylie , and at 45yo, she proves that time has no hold on her, full of warm-up , waddled his little body on a grid, stroking her thighs and buttocks….. Aaaaaaargh … ! ! ! ( A cold shower, quickly! !) .

Then , nestled on a pommel horse or sitting on a ball, it makes its first Sexercize . A very explicit one…waouh…Tori Black or Isis Taylor could inspire him.

The body of Kylie Minogue and his playmates, first beaded with sweat, become completely sweaty ( like mine!) in the sauna.

Go further signed photo by yours truly, in 2013 , I offer you … the hot videoclip, nasty, and it is here :

Woody Allen said he wanted to be reincarnated as Ursula Andress’s tights… today he would be in Kylie Minogue’s one …

Bror Gunnar Jansson (a.k.a. Gunnes Enmanna) is a Swedish one-man band who unleashes a garage-style hybrid of blues, country, and folk. He is an enigmatic performer who can ooze backwoodsy and minimalistic laments as well as unleash ferociously angular and devastatingly powerful breakdowns. His first solo full-length album, Bror Gunnar Jansson is out now, and it is a killer.

He playing rough country-blues-garage, work songs and mountain ballads on megaphone, guitars and drums – all at the same time!


Soon (March 2014) comes his new album….A Gothic bluesy boombastic sound, Dude ;)

Today in WHAT?????!!!!, a French photographer named Pascal Rostain claims that the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, is embroiled in a love affair with internationally famous pop star Beyoncé. Oh, and we’re going to read about it in the Washington Post tomorrow.

The photographer’s comments were published in highly reputable French newspaper Le Figaro. Rostain, who is friends with Carla Bruni and has won photo awards, told French journalist Jean-Marc Morandini:

“You know, at this time, the United States, there is something big that is happening… Besides, it’ll go out tomorrow in the Washington Post, we can not say that it is the gutter press [reporting on an] alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyoncé. I can assure you that the world will talk about it.”

The report has already been picked up by Gala, which is like the People magazine of France, and Gala is also reporting that President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama are heading for a divorce.

The timing of this accusation is curious: French President François Hollande is traveling to the United States this week to meet with President Obama, and the two just penned an op-ed piece about how France and the USA must maintain a close relationship for The Washington Post. But President Hollande’s own personal life has been in the news lately, and as CNN explains:

Hollande leaves France amid sinking popularity ratings and swirling reports that he cheated on his partner of seven years with a younger movie actress. The former French first lady Valerie Trierweiler — whom Obama said in November he was looking forward to hosting — will not come to the White House now that Hollande has announced their split.

France’s President says his private life is private, but he’s not denying the affair. Now he will come to America solo for one of Washington’s most tradition-bound events, where protocol dictates nearly everything and a slip-up could wind up offending a top ally.

Since Hollande’s own affair is creating some tension in the White House, maybe this is the French media’s way of creating an international distraction.

Obviously Rostain’s comments are shocking, but Le Figaro makes the point of calling him a “filou” — a rogue, trickster or rascal — with a penchant for provocation. Still, the copy reads, “even when it’s in provocation, there is always some truth in what he says.” Rostain is not just close to Carla Bruni; he’s also friends with Valérie Trierweiler — in fact, he allegedly loaned her his apartment when she needed to see François Hollande in private.

Meanwhile, the rumor is spreading. Quickly. This won’t be the last we hear of it. Rostain puts it this way:

There are photographs and television images of the Obamas in which they are a little distant… It is legitimate to ask questions. We found the same thing in images between Holland and Trierweiler. Afterwards, there was the rumor. Same for Obama with Beyonce, for example. Just because it’s a rumor doesn’t mean that one should not go into the field to check. We should not forget Marilyn Monroe or Monica Lewinsky. You can be the president of the first world power — that doesn’t make you any less a man.

So is this just a French guy smugly saying, “Hey, look, our President is not the only one who cheats?” Is the Illuminati behind this? And if this report is true: WHAT? How? Where? Where do either of them find the time?

Mrs Yamina Benguigui, Minister for Relations with Francophone Countries and former film director has always put women’s rights at the heart of her work. She will be attending the Womanity Foundation’s 5th biannual fundraising gala on 30th January 2014 at the Espace Hippomène in Geneva, alongside many brilliant artists and first-class guests from around the world.

More than 1000 selected VIP guests are announced at the prestigious event, which will benefit of Womanity’s worldwide activities for girls and women’s empowerment. During the previous fundraising Gala in 2012, the Foundation raised over CHF 1.35 million (net of costs), thanks to the generosity of its sponsors and guests.

“We are as determined as ever to foster progress for underprivileged girls and women. We will put all our skills, experience and resources towards this goal, encouraging innovation and scaling up models that generate systemic social change”, says Yann Borgstedt, Womanity’s chairman and founder. He further pledges: “The entire benefits of the evening will be allocated to cover our program’s field expenses, while I commit to covering the administrative costs of running the Foundation.”

The Womanity Foundation is leading ground-breaking projects such as 96 NISAA FM, the first commercial women’s radio in the Middle-East, launched in 2010; “World 100 Men”, a radio fiction series in Arabic promoting women’s active role in society and women’s rights; WomenChangeMakers, a fellowship that aims at supporting the growth of social entrepreneurs working in favour of girls and women in India and Brazil; the development of a new model for girls’ public education in Afghanistan, that will expand to tens of thousands of pupils in a dozen schools; and the Womanity Award, an innovative distinction to be launched in 2014 that will serve to replicate programs which have proven to reduce violence against women.

Safeena Husain, founder and executive director of Educate Girls in India, one of the social entrepreneurs supported through Womanity’s WomenChangeMakers’ fellowship, will address the Gala’s audience to illustrate the impressive positive results of investing in girls’ education.

A fabulous evening of solidarity

The evening’s programme is rich and spectacular. It includes Ayo, the acclaimed German-Nigerian singer, with her fusion of soul, jazz and African sounds, who recently released her fourth album “Ticket to the World”; Licia Chery, and up-and-coming Swiss singer of Haitian origins; the rapper Mokobé; Micah and the Disco Bandits with their wild rhythms; and the Pockemon Crew, with their stunning hip hop show. The World Champion performers of the Cirque Du Soleil, “Duo MainTenanT”, whose attendance is graciously sponsored by Bedat & Co., will make an appearance, while the famed sculptor Eleanor Cardozo, will unveil and auction a sculpture of one of the gymnasts for Womanity. French painter Michael Raivard will create a portrait in situ for the auction sale, using its exclusive technique called “live gluing”. Mareva Galanter, former Miss France, singer and actress, and Simon Kidston, will be leading the crowd elegantly through the evening. Other surprise guests and shows will entertain the public throughout the night.

To arouse the guests’ generosity, Simon de Pury, the world-famous Swiss auctioneer, will preside over an auction presenting unique and prestigious items and experiences, such as a 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud customised with white crocodile leather by Jean Claude Jitrois, the celebrated French master of leather design; a chic and unique FIAT 500, designed exclusively by Francesca Versace; and a SMART car custom-designed by the acclaimed painter Philippe Pasqua. The three designers will be personally present to raise the enthusiasm of the audience. There will also be some exceptional art pieces; dream vacations in luxurious get-aways; money-can’t-buy experiences in Hollywood, Cannes, with FC Barcelona, in world-renown wineries and on a F1 circuit, and many more exceptional items.

On this occasion, Hublot, Womanity’s faithful partner in the luxury watch industry, will launch an exclusive and limited edition of a watch, the Hublot “Womanity” watch, with sales benefitting the Womanity Foundation.

A great number of prestigious sponsors have demonstrated their generous support to the foundation by donating valuable auction and tombola lots, services, in-kind contributions and funds. Namely the Compagnie des Parcs and the Swiss Development Group; Air France, Brevan Howard, Chopard, HBK Investments Advisory, Hublot, Kamel Alzarka, The Singapore Freeport, UBS; Geneva Freeports and many others.

For Yann Borgstedt “this charity Gala will most certainly be splendid, given the generosity and support of all those involved. I am deeply grateful to everyone who helped us, and promise to making all our supporters proud of what we will undertake in the field thanks to their contributions.”

Lily Allen mocks Robin Thicke video in new song ‘Hard Out Here’
She has revealed new song ‘Hard Out Here’, her first original song since 2009. Watch the video for the it above.The video for the track was revealed online this afternoon (November 12) with fans able to unlock the video by answering questions on Allen’s official website. ‘Hard Out Here’ comes off the back of Allen’s cover of Keane track ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, which can currently be heard on the John Lewis TV adverts in the lead up to Christmas.

Both the video and the song’s lyrics take aim at misogyny and sexism in modern pop culture. She takes a satirical swipe at Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ video, in which a woman dances in front of the words ‘Robin Thicke has a big dick’, by dancing in front of inflatables spelling out ‘Lily Allen has a baggy pussy’.

She also takes aim at the use of the word “bitch” in popular culture, with the chorus stating: “Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits, it’s hard out here for a bitch,” she sings.

The track begins the singer getting liposuction while being told by doctors that she “let herself go” when having her two children. It then features the singer talking about female body image and sexuality. “I don’t need to shake my ass for you because I’ve got a brain,” she sings.

‘Hard Out Here’ precedes the release of a new album from Allen in 2014 and will be available to download from Sunday (November 17). Earlier this year the singer revealed that her new album has some “feminist vibes coming on”.

Speaking in September, Allen discussed the progress of the album and offered some clues as to what fans can expect. “It’s not an earnest ‘I’m a mum’ kind of record,” she said. “It’s empowering. There’s some feminist vibes going on. It’s the same old me with a bit of swearing going on. Good choruses, key changes here and there – that’s it!”

Paul Van Haver is a musician for his time, with the charts, headlines and YouTube clicks to prove it — a gravel-voiced, mixed-race performer whose melancholic French-language dance pop has channeled, to popular acclaim, the gray that currently hangs over Europe.

Mr. Van Haver, 28, who is best known as his stage persona Stromae, rose to fame with a beat-heavy 2009 single called “Alors On Danse” (So We Dance) that is still played at parties and clubs across the Continent. It is a mournful anthem that evokes unemployment, divorce, debt, the financial crisis and a sort of resigned hope “to forget all our problems”; it reached No.1 on the charts in 19 countries.

Still Mr. Van Haver has no desire to be a “salesman of the crisis,” he said in an interview here, and his music is by no means intended to intensify European pessimism, although he has at least once called his genre “suicide dance.”

“It’s just a desire to be realist,” the soft-spoken Mr. Van Haver said. “And it’s not about saying that everything’s going badly, because that’s not what I say in my songs. But it’s not about saying everything’s fine, either. It’s life.”

The music is often playful but almost always cut through with a darker strain, a reflection of the disillusionment and restlessness that have supplanted the self-assurance of an earlier generation in Europe. In one of his most popular songs of the moment, “Formidable,” an angry account of a breakup, he rakes his “r’s” from the back of his throat to the tip of his tongue in the style of Jacques Brel, to whom he is often compared. “Papaoutai,” another hit, is ostensibly a child’s plea to understand his father’s absence and in “Avf” he sings sarcastically: “Rich and unhappy, but thankfully we’ve got the euro.”

He is one of the few contemporary musicians to so directly evoke Europe’s ambient moroseness, and he does so with an eclecticism that has earned him critical praise.

“Stromae is an antenna,” the French paper Le Monde suggested in August. “He pulls in signals — the crisis, AIDS, the environment, misogyny, Twitter, false richness — from his Brussels control tower.” His music draws on percussive 1990s electronica, rap and hip-hop, Congolese rumba, salsa and the chanson française genre. The name Stromae is itself a rearranging of “maestro” in verlan, the French slang.

“Stromae fits this era made of intermixings and the Internet,” Le Nouvel Observateur, a French news magazine, said this summer.

Mr. Van Haver is a somewhat ambiguous mix of identities and influences. His mother, a Flemish Belgian, raised him in French in a poor suburb outside Brussels; she placed limits on time in front of the television, and sent him to a Jesuit school after he failed out of the public system at 16. She insisted that he play an instrument; he chose the drums.

His father, a Rwandan architect, who was absent throughout his childhood, was killed in the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Mr. Van Haver said he met him only a dozen times.

“I was raised in Brussels as a Belgian,” he said, “but at the same time feeling that I wasn’t necessarily from here.”

With beige skin and gray-green eyes he could be Arab, or Tuareg, or any number of mixes. He has the unimposing physique of a high jumper, with hunched shoulders and a marionette’s jumbly long limbs. He is vaguely androgynous and appears as half-man-half-woman in one recent music video.

His image is part of his intrigue and appeal, and he and a small team of stylists manage it painstakingly. On stage, in music videos and on the myriad magazine covers to which he has lent his image, he appears as a fluorescent dandy, in bowties and color-burst polo shirts and high socks that blend the sartorial sensibilities of an English country gentleman with those of the electronic underground and the African bush. (There are plans for a Made in Europe boutique clothing line, Mr. Van Haver said; the fabrics will be designed and printed in Belgium, the shirts sewn in Portugal and socks produced in France.)

In the video for “Formidable” — in which Mr. Van Haver stumbles about a Brussels tram stop, as if heavily intoxicated after a rough night, while hidden cameras film the reactions of onlookers — his physicality seems to match the cultural moment here as well, said Jean-Daniel Beauvallet, the London-based music editor of Les Inrockuptibles, a French culture magazine.

“He carries in him this sort of weight, this sort of dissatisfaction,” Mr. Beauvallet said. The official “Formidable” video has been watched on YouTube more than 32 million times. The song has also been No. 1 on the music charts in Flemish and French Belgium and in France, and “Papaoutai” has topped charts in Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands and Switzerland. His most recent album, “Racine Carrée” (Square Root), has sold nearly 400,000 copies in France since its release in late August, and has been the highest-selling album there for several weeks.

Mothers, daughters, teenagers, grandparents and business executives stop him on the street in Belgium. He smiles a bit shyly and signs autographs; he worries he will lose his humility, he said. He is touched by the success, but does not always know what to make of it. He vacillates, he said, between conviction, cynicism and existential ambivalence.

Stromae, his persona, is a project that’s “useless,” he said, “but into which we’re putting an enormous amount of energy, an enormous amount of money, an enormous amount of time. That’s the truth. And we have the good fortune to be able to make a living out of it.”

Most of the pop music that has come out of Europe in the past five years has been escapist and “unreal,” Mr. Beauvallet said, “music for forgetting.” That is not the case for Stromae, he said, whose dance music is “much more complex than people think.”

The contradictions in Mr. Van Haver’s image and sound produce an ambiguity that resonates in Europe, Mr. Beauvallet added. “One never knows which foot to dance on with Stromae,” he said.