In “Le Petit Journal”…

Thanks to the french newspaper “Le petit journal” for that very laudatory article…

Azerbaijan & Robert Hossein

Yesterday evening, I was invited for the national day of Azerbaijan,

by His Excellency Mister Elchin Amirbayov, ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in France,

and His Excellency Mister Anar Karimov, UNESCO permanent delegate of the Republic of Azerbaijan,

at the cultural department of the embassy, for a wonderful reception.


The opportunity to meet Madam Mirvari Fataliyava, President of the House of Azerbaijan in Paris, with whom I work on a beautiful project of photoreports, and the great Robert Hossein, a disarming kindness, who delighted me of a multitude of funny and beautiful anecdotes.


A country to be discovered for the beauty of its landscapes and for the kindness of his people!

Nouveau document 2017-05-24_1



Exhibition in Castelnaudary

I'm proud to invited you to my opening at the "Galerie 113", right in the center of Castelnaudary, France.

Opening: June 2, 2017, at 6:30 pm.

You will seen my series on the great animals of Africa, on girls of Cambodia, and on the IRA in Belfast.

See you soon!

Galerie 113
22 rue de l'Horloge
11400 - Castelnaudary - France
Tel: 06 88 54 38 33


Women Business Leaders

A very pleasant meeting yesterday evening around my exhibition at the St-Cyprien’s Museum, with the club “Femmes chefs d’entreprises 66″ (women business leaders & owners), and their prsident Laurie Guichard Fiancette.

With the presence of the mayor pf the city, Mister Thierry Del Poso, I had pleasure to share my photo experiences around my photographs, with the dynamic and united women of the club.

They work at a real equality between sexes in the world of entreprise.

In Live the Art

In the american magazine Live the Art….

In the magazine Catacult

Catacult magazine, April 2017…

Since several years, all over the world I catch the best of the street art.

Here my TOP 25 of the awesome street artists I ever seen.



Subscribed now to my Youtube channel!

banniere youtube


Tv Interview

Thank you to Nicolas Caudeville for that interview in the Museum of St-Cyprien, France, the day after the opening of my new exhibition:


French press

Thank you Thierry Grillet for his kind word about my exhibition and my work on L’Indépendant, french newspaper)!



Photo exhibition by Grégory Herpe

from march 18th to may 31th

Collections François Desnoyer

Rue Emile Zola, St-Cyprien (village)

Tel: +33 (0)4 68 21 06 96


Exhibition at the Museum of St-Cyprien, France

I’m proud to invite you to my new exhibition: “L’Odyssée”, from 18 March to 31 May at the Museum of St-Cyprien, France.

5 rooms and more than 90 prints, to travel with me on 3 continents and 20 countries, from the great animals of Africa to Catalonia, from the minimalist landscapes of Scotland and the Netherlands to the children of Cambodia, IRA in Belfast, Street Art in Northern Europe …

A great catalog is published for the occasion in which you will find my photos as well as texts on my work written by personalities of the arts, media, and politics … Thanks to them:

Yoyo Maeght – Exhibition curator at the Pompidou Center & Royal Academy of London; Editor, gallery owner

Tina Kieffer – Founding President of french NGO Toutes à l’école

Olivier Dassault – french Deputy & photographer

Myriam Seurat – Journalist on french TV France 2 & Arte

Petra Lossen – Director of Petra Lossen Fine Art Gallery, Zurich

Sylvia Gobbel – International Top Model & Helmut Newton’s muse, Vienna

Fabrice Gaignault – Editor-in-chief of Marie-Claire magazine & writer

Laurent Bouhnik – Director, screenwriter, producer

Nathalie Garçon – Fashion designer

Isabella Russ – Managing Editor of Terra Mater, Austria

Peap Tarr – Street Artist, Phnom Pehn

Elsa Lunghini – Singer, Actress & Photographer

René Manzor – Director & Screenwriter

Ylva-Maria Thompson – Artist & tv host, Sweden

Sam Zniber – Vice President & Strategic Consultant, Radio Intelligence World, USA

Hervé Lancelin – Dir. Of the Galerie Lancelin, Luxembourg, & Luxembourg Art Price

Paul Godfrey – Leader of the Morcheeba, England

Véronique de Villèle – TV host & Writer

Ariana Kah – Actress

And Wayne Anthony – Editor-in-Chief of the London Street Art & Design Magazine, London

Thanks also to Thierry Del Poso, Mayor of St-Cyprien for his invitation in his museum, and to Stéphanie Misme, exhibition curator, for his professionalism.

And thank you for sharing the info…


Awarded in Barcelona

Today, I was in the catalan capital to receive an award.

Thanks to Jordi Jové & Ramon Casalé Soler for awarded me the golden medal of the XVIIIth International Fair of Barcelona 2017,

for my photowork on Barcelona…

In Glamour Magazine

Another publication in the french Glamour magazine, about Tina Keffer and her NGO in Cambodia…

Publication in GALA

Nice publication in GALA’s French edition (even if I do not like the reframing of my photos !!!).

A photo of Tina Kieffer with the schoolgirls from Happy Chandara.

Once again, the opportunity to encourage you to help the association Tous à l’école, created by Tina Kieffer, who helps and teaches young girls in Cambodia.

GALA No. 1231 -  January 11, 2017

My Fashion collection in collaboration with Vida Fashion Shop

Check out my new collection in collaboration with Vida Fashion Shop.
You will find a special collection of my pictures printed on lovely scarfs, t-shirts and bags.
A must have for 2017!
Share if you like, please, to all your friends!


I wish you an happy new year 2017!


At the beginning of 2017, I have the pleasure to participate at the “XVIII International Salon of Barcelona”,
at the Esart Gallery.

The opening will take place on January 21, at 8:00 pm, and I would like to meet you all around the inauguration cocktail
and a classical guitar recital of virtuoso Albert Noriega.

The exhibition runs from January 21 untill February 02, 2017, and will show the work of international artists,
from Japan, Spain, South America and of course photo, of myself!

XVIII Salon Internacional 2017 – The Esart Gallery
C / Diputacio 188 – 08011 BARCELONA
Tel: +34 93 4545532



My Pictures in L’Express…
Great joy to see the first publication of several photos of my work in Cambodia, with Tina Kieffer and his pupils of Happy Chandara, in L'Express Style of the week (the supplement of L'Express N°3410).
Happy 10th anniversary to the NGO created by Tina for helping kids!

You can support by sponsoring a child on her official website:


September 10th & 11th 2016, les Ateliers du Graff & the city of Puteaux, France, organized the 6th festival of street art.

A big succes where the diversity of the used techniques offered to the visitors a nice show.

It is dynamics Arnaud Eveille (alias Anje) who was the big boss of this unique event.

Bravo Arnaud and thank you for letting me the photoreportage of the festival.

On the menu, anamorphic murals, vegetal graffiti, kinetic & pixel art, the photograffée, and jip-hop, with Kamel Archach’s exceptional presence (alias B.BOY BOSS K), 4 times choreography world champion & 6 times batle world champion with the famous VAGABONDS CREW…Big reference…

The artists:

Anje, Flow, Zag & Sia, Emoy, Smoe, Zosh, SNSA, Adked, Lop6, Ydoz, Biate, Collectif photograffée, Djalouz, Caligr, Pesca, Doudou Style, San One, Dino, MO2…

Exhibition in la Villa Duflot

In the prestigious Villa Duflot, in Perpignan I invite you to my exhibition, whose opening will be friday, September 16, 2016 , at 18:00.
With Amélie & Emmanuel Stern, ownersof Villa Duflot, and art collectors, we have chosen a series of photographs from my book " Catalogne" on both sides of the border ,
from Barcelona to Perpignan, Ebro Delta or Lerida's design.


I 'm glad to see you there!


Opening september 16th, at 18h00
Exhibition : september 16th to october 31th 2016

Rond Point Albert Donnezan , 66000 Perpignan, France

+33 4 68 56 67 67




Follow the link:


A preview of my photo work in the Meeting of Styles France 2016, on Youtube…

Click on the picture below:



From 23th until the 31th of July, the world of StreetArt settled in Perpignan, in the south of France, Meeting of Styles, international festival of graffiti & urban culture.
Surrounded by the beautiful setting of the Arsenal, with a decor of ruins from the Church of the Convent of the Great Carmelites, fifty street artists, DJs, beatbox champions and skateboarders,
came together to present the hip-hop culture.
This festival Meeting of Styles that runs continuously around the world, from China to Germany, via South America, came to France and will be only in Perpignan.
I am very fortunate this year to cover this for the english magazine “London Streetart & Design Magazine”, and will be continued …

With my friend, the Peruvian streetartist Isaac Barreda, in front of another peruvian artist, Walter Berns, at work on his fresco.

Artists present: Astro, Belin, Walter Berns, Brus, Cannibal Letters, ClifeBurns, Dashe, Demon, Diksa, Donut, Ekto, Gerz, Heis, Hizep, Isaac Barreda,
Jok, Lahe, Manyak, Maye, Miedo, Mr Dheo, Nask, Ogre, Omouck, Olson, Pariz One, Persu, Rekor, Resfe, Rever, Rize, Same, Sawer, Shane, Shue, Shure, Skey,
Smile, Ster, Stom 500, STKFR, Taer, Taroe, Treze, Yako, Ynoke, Yours, Zurik, Team, 
from Spain, Peru, Italia, Bolivia, UK, Germany, Luxemburg, Portugal, Belgium, Algeria, Austria and France...
Not nice….

 There is no limits to horror…
I think about childrens, women, men, these innocent deaths, for nothing…
Here is the photography I would like to take again today…An image of hope & a very clear message…The condemnation of the inexcusable..


Last night, at the Photo Exhibition opening of my group with the Unapei66 in St Esteve, we had the joy of receiving Olivier Roirand, TV Director of Tv Sud, who came to interview me on my photo project, for the Tonight News (7:30 p.m. on South TV, on channel 33 of TNT in France !!).

Here is the preview :

tv sud st esteve

Thank you to Olivier Roirand, Marie-Hélène Rajkowski, and TV Sud!


expo foyer


I am very proud to invite you to the opening of the group photo exhibition that I have coached for almost a year within the Unapei66.

Unapei 66 a parenting movement born in 1959, is an association of Parents and Friends, who welcomes and accompanies throughout live People with Mental and/ or Psychic Disability , in its establishments or in the mainstream.

People familiar with intellectual disabilities: Down syndrome, autism, mental, multiple disabilities …


I have proposed to accompany them around a photographic project for a year.

Driven, engaged, and extremely talented for arts, my new friends worked very well !

Thursday, July 7, at 18:30, you can see their work. Starting from paintings seen at the Musée Fabre in Montpellier. Before and behind the objective, they have given their whole heart and we expect many of you at the Library St Esteve, France.

I promise you, you will not see disabled people but_ fully fledged artists …

invitation Unapei.indd


Barcelona …

It’s always a great happiness to be in the Catalan capital.

Barcelona, rich and multiple, elusive, surprising. With my friend, the painter Philippe Wodianyk, we decided to take a little height.

Far from the Ramblas, vulgar and touristic; an idiots trap where we scroll like fools in front of filthy restaurants, street vendors and cheesy living statues …

Far from the Ramblas , the Gothic & Raval neighborhoods , the Diagonal Avenue and its luxury boutiques, there is another Barcelona in the hills, which gives the city a welcome air and respiration.

Montjuic Hill (Latin Mons Jovis, the Mount of the Jews), overlooking the old harbor, is an oasis of greenery and culture.

We are amazed about the botanical garden, the castle, the Catalonia National Art Museum and the Magic Fountains and we enter the mythical Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium which hosted the Summer Olympics in 1992. Built in 1929 for the universal exhibition and it was enlarged in 1989 by the Japanese architect Arata Isozaki.


with my friend, french painter Philippe Wodianyk, at the Olympic Stadium.


Many exploits were made here: Carl Lewis won his eighth Olympic gold medal, while Linford Christie became at 32, the oldest champion over 100m, and then the unforgettable symbol given by the Ethiopian Derartu Tulu, the first female black African Olympic champion and the white South African Elana Meyer, runner on 10.000m … Tulu exceeds Meyer to only one lap to go and then she attends her rival prior to fall into her arms. They perform their lap of honor together wrapped in tangled flags of both countries. Iconic is that a big and strong black woman has been united with a white South African woman while South Africa barely retrieves the Olympics after banishment due to apartheid.

From the height, again, to have a lunch on the roof terrace of the arenas, Mudejar and neo Byzantine style.
The city predominantly anti-corrida Barcelona renovated and transformed its arena in a mall , with a landscaped roof offering a 360 ° panoramic view over the capital. There, several restaurants offer local, Japanese, Mediterranean cuisine … Breathtaking views and a great breath of fresh air …


Philippe (who will expose December 8th at the Maison de la Région in Perpignan and then in Paris, the beginning of 2017 at the Galerie de la Voute, in the XII arrondissement. I recommend you discover his magnificent work on http: //www.wodianyk .com) and I then visit the Tibidabo, from a height of 512m, the peak is the tallest of Barcelona’s Collserola (Tibidabo name comes from the Vulgate, a Latin translation of the Bible. it is found in the context where the devil speaks to Jesus).

A big surprise at the top was to discover a quaint place out of time in this universe: the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Sagrat Cor) and one of the world’s oldest amusement parks, opened in 1901. Within the center a strong forest area of 10 million trees, the park offers a stunning city and Mediterranean view.



Christ, outstretched arms, recalls the Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, overlooks the Basilica and the big wheel.

The spectacle is unusual, almost anachronistic. To crown it all, we are surrounded by Nepalese celebrations; doubtless 2 or 300. Indeed, it is Nepal Memorial Day, and many special activities were organized to raise awareness to the Barcelonan for the needs of Nepalese after the earthquake of 2015 …


I would strongly advise you to follow the beaten track and leave the center of Barcelona to discover this magical place!

And then, with a little courage, you will be rewarded by climbing on the big wheel and watching this almost surreal view of a city that is full of beauty …


My interview with the excellent Nicolas CAUDEVILLE which points to the immobility of the city of Perpignan... disinterest ? Contempt? ...



Back from Cambodia, where I had the great pleasure of photographing the schools established by journalist Tina Kieffer, I received the pleasant surprise by email that I am awarded at MIFA Moscow (Moscow International Foto Awards), a very beautiful international award.

The Moscow jury awarded me with a price and the Honorable Mention in the category People-Culture, for my photographic work about the Gypsies of Perpignan.

DSC_3664 DSC_4177



Yesterday I said goodbye to Happy Chandara …

It has been a great adventure but  it is not finished  yet,  I’ll have to work a lot of images and together with Tina Kieffer , we have to organize an auction in behalf of  “Toutes à l’ecole”.


Back in Phnom Penh, with its stifling heat, and its storms.

Looking through a publication of Asia Life Magazine, I come across an article about the street artists Peap Tarr & Lisa Mam.

I remember seeing a documentary on Canal +, a view month ago, about this couple the city and the city walls.

Peap Tarr is born in New Zealand, his mother is Cambodian and Lisa Mam is from Phnom Penh. They are husband and wife and are working all over the world together.

They make part of the most famous Asian urban artists in the world.

I try to find a way to contact them … Whenever they want or can, even now two days before I leave Phnom Penh …

And then I see one or two possibilities … I write  Peap and I  wait …


Great news! Two hours later, I receive a very friendly message and we make an appointment for the following morning.  And I am looking forward to meet, photograph and interview them …

I dined and watched Belgium-Ireland on streaming in my room … but fall asleep before the end ….


This morning I am at Villa Langka where we arranged to meet at 11:00. I have prepared my interview and I see them happen exactly on time

I guessed they would be sympathetic, but not until this level!

We begin the interview and I learn a lot. Not only about them but also on street art in Cambodia, Asia, on art in general, now and then, the people, people’s lives and politics since the genocide.

They have much to tell, a lot to offer and so much to share. They invite me for lunch in a typical local restaurant.


Later we leave for a tour through Phnom Penh looking for Street Art. And not just theirs, but also those of the Korean-American graffiti artist David Choe from Los Angeles, Aryz a Spanish urban artist and the American, of Taiwanese origin, illustrator and painter James Jean.

Peap and Lisa pose before the work of their friends. Finally I discover this Asian urban scene I sought unsuccessfully last weekend.


(Peap Tarr posing in front a mural of James Jean)


And I have a lot of fun with my new friends! Funny, these are the kind of individuals we encounter with the immediate feeling of knowing all along.


(Lisa Mam & Peap Tarr in front of a mural of David Choe)


They show me two of their four hand painted murals. The first one in a cozy bar in the city, and the second in a hyper-trendy bar situated in a fashionable new neighborhood, still under construction, wherein all the youth of the capital is gathered.

You feel the influences of Khmer traditions, New Zealand tribal art, design and graphics too. These two are so rich, internally, their works speak to everyone.


(In front of their own work in the Puzzles Gastropub)


I must write this article quickly, at least it will be published by two magazines.


It is 7:00 p.m. when they drop me at the hotel … The day passed quickly with Lisa & Peap.  We say goodbye warmly by promising to see each other again soon.


(Peap, Lisa, and me…Selfie!)


Tomorrow I will take the plane towards Ho Chi Minh, Doha and Barcelona.  Already I think that I have some good reasons to come back to Cambodia.