I was born in Paris in 1969.

Photo reporter (for press agency Sopa Images, Hong-Kong, and Polaris Images, New-York) and artistic photographer, I love to lose myself at random in cities to capture scenes of life, contrasts and emotions closer to the soul.

Therefore, I use black, white and gray. For me, removing colors of life is like an actor, a woman or a clown, who removes makeup: only the essential remains, the truth, pure emotion.

Likewise, all my pictures seem to come out of a black halo. As I see it, the world is dark, increasingly, and symbolically, it is as if I plunge a hand into that obscurity in order to extract some light.

For me, a journalistic report can also be artistic and I am always searching to point out three things in my photographs: a message, a perspective, an emotion.


The human being is one of my favorite subjects, and so are cities.


I photographed the gypsy community in the south of France, young girls in Cambodia and even former soldiers of the IRA in Belfast but also rock and film celebrities like Depardieu and Bowie.


Yes, I love photographing cities. From Paris to Barcelona, from Phnom Penh to Cairo, but also larger spaces, from Scottish forests to the savannah from Kenya and Tanzania.


My pictures were exhibited at the European Parliament, and Paris, Cannes, Boston, San Diego, Bristol, Brussels, Zurich, Genoa, Athens, Spa, Porto, and in Nigeria.

…and edited in many international magazines including: London StreetArt & Design Magazine, Foto Lives Today (UK), Us Weekly, Boston Arts News, National Enquirer (USA), L’Express Style, Gala, Marie-Claire, Glamour, La Croix, Déclic Photos Magazine, Le Point, Newlook, Voici, Crème Catalane, Les Inrocks (France), NEWS (Austria), Hoochie Coochie (Russia),  La Gazette de Monaco (Monaco), Hit Krant, Sunshine (The Netherlands), Mangozeen (Thaïland), Fram Money (Switzerland), El Mundo, El Pais, El Punt (Spain), Gioia, Grazia, Qui Brescia (Italy), Wysokie Obcasy, Swiat (Poland), E-Photo (Slovakia), NewsBomb, DiferNews (Greece), Jeune Afrique (Africa)…

…and are on private collections:

-Prince Albert of Monaco collection (Monaco)

-Jacques Font collection (Fra)

-Hervé Bazin collection (Fra)

-St-Cyprien-François Desnoyer  Museum (Fra)

-Roger Castang collection (Fra)


And also :

I was set photographer for cinema, journalist for different media (NRJ, Fun Radio and Fun TV and TF1 in Paris RTL / TVI in Brussels) and various magazines rock and underground.

Pupil of Francis Huster on Cours Florent and I was an actor and director.

And a few things, more …


-Artistic Director Honorable Mention, Montanha Pico Festival, Azores, Portugal, 2019

-Award winning at the Noto Fior di Foto (3rd place Monochrome & Honorable Mention), Noto, Sicilia, Italy, 2018

-Golden Medal at the XVIIIth International Art Fair of Barcelona, Spain, 2017

-3 Awards winning at the IPA (International Photography Awards – Social cause category; Childrens category; Portraits category – Honorable Mention), New-York, USA, 2016

-Award winning at the MIFA (Moscow International Photo Awards – People-Culture category – Honorable Mention), Moscow, Russia, 2016

-Award winning of Best Press Photo 2015, (Club de la Presse LR), Montpellier, France, 2015

-Award winning at the International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Genoa (Photography category), Genoa, Italy, 2015