Best Press Photo 2015 Award

June 26, 2015 by Gregory Herpe

Best Press Photo 2015 Award
I lived last night around Montpellier, a wonderful evening!

The 29th Night of the French Press reward journalists, photographers and communication agency, during a funny ceremony.

100% female jury chaired by cartoonist & illustrator Nadia Khiari, aka Willis from Tunis, whose cat was one of the figures of the Tunisian Revolution of 2011.

I had the joy of winning the award for Best Press Photo 2015, with much emotion

This photo, showing the steps in “I’m Charlie,” and shows a french muslim woman, holding at arm a sign condemning the attacks in Paris …

So thank you to the press professionals who appointed me, thank you to the jury who awarded me the trophy created by glass artist Nicole Barondeau, thank you to the French Press Club who organized this beautiful evening, then thank you to those that this photo has moved

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